Facebook wants to be the attention economy's central banker


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As soon as I saw “Boost your post”, I knew that Facebook would only be used by me for yacking with friends.

I don’t put business partners or workmates in my circle of friends on that site, and I don’t advertise on it. AdBlock Plus stops most of the ads from appearing, and the version of the FB app on my phone is so old that it has forgotten how to serve ads.

Too bad, Zuckerberg.


Facebook, like every other internet social site, will eventually be replaced. It’s only a matter of time. maybe they know that and are making hay while the sun shines.


As soon as those features started rolling out, any utility I had in Facebook (e.g. keeping up with friends, chatting with friends) disappeared, because once FB started “curating” whose news I saw etc (and it was extraordinarily bad at it), well, it was pretty useless for the purpose for which I’d primarily valued it.


For people with a large audience, there’s Twitter, until Facebook buys it. But there’s no way to stop an old-fashioned listserv. Does anybody make a friendly one any more?


I think most people use Google Groups these days.


Facebook is a barrier to me being able to comment on an increasing number of web pages. I can’t wait for them to fail. No doubt that means I’ll have to wait a long time.


Good question! I prefer the signal-to-noise ratio of lists when compared to the increasingly graphical internet.

I’d probably look into GNU Mailman or Majordomo 2, to start with.


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