Facebook's been caught using their customers' 2FA information to spam them with text ads

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Facebook really needs to classified as malware.


Mark Zuckerberg is a cancer on society. After not checking it for 2 months, i just deleted my account today and am very happy with my decision.


I wish I could. It’s just the only way I can keep in touch with so many of my friends and family.


Likewise, i’ve said as much multiple times here in the BBS. What’s the alternative? Rule out Twitter because its trash, what else is there? Nothing really.


No means yes? Are all facebook software engineers former DKE frat brothers of kavanaugh?


I deactivated my account, but kept FB Messenger, just so people could still contact me. I know, I know, it’s still FB, and I’m sure everything I deleted from my account before I deactivated it (pics, favorites, quotes, etc) have all been backed up onto their servers anyway. One positive note: I deleted all that personal info from my account a month before I deactivated the account, and the targeted ads had no idea what to do with me. If you must keep FB, make it as barebones as possible. Like, skeletal. All that stuff we happily filled out about ourselves? Your friends don’t care. And Fb is selling it to target ads to you, if not for much worse.

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I give you, “Facebook Mountain”



I’m…less than totally surprised…to hear that the lovable mascot of tech companies that ought neutron purged got caught doing this; but does anyone else share my trepidation at the question of how many companies are actually carefully firewalling off one of the highest quality supplies of consumer phone numbers(you are much less likely to lie or let the data get stale if it locks you out of your account…) they have?

In the interest of not spooking the eyeball herds I’d assume that the more cautious ones refrain from overt, hard to deny, direct contact; but phone numbers make great IDs even if you don’t sms spam them: unless you are assiduously using burners for your ‘2 factor’ purposes odds are excellent that your number will remain stable (except during some interesting life changes like a change in employment that are worth knowing about in themselves); be tied to a trail of payment information, likely have plenty of location data available…

Facebook’s been caught

This is like a daily occurrence?!?!



I started poking around with this, will fill you in on the goods soon.



I do wonder… how did people manage to keep in touch with other people before 2004?


I realized that most of the people I’m friends with were people from high school that I really don’t care about anymore. For family, I just shared them access to my google photos for kid pics (yeah, I know google is just as bad, this is about reducing the number of companies that know everything about me) and they seem to be cool with that.

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I’m not in touch with high school “friends,” with few exceptions. It’s my grad school buddies, friends I’ve made on travels and friends here in NoVA I’m keeping up with. And I’m at the age where I’m the one looking at the kid pics - not sharing them.

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