Facebook's new Fact-Checking policies have carved out an exemption for climate deniers

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Once again, Zuckerberg’s spinelessness has allowed Facebook to be hijacked into a propaganda tool for conservative business interests

It’s more than spinelessness here. Of course Zuckerberg would find a base affinity with the Kochs and others who’ll happily poison the environment we all live in if it makes them a buck.

Really folks, there are better ways to share pictures of the kids with grandma than via this toxic platform. #deletefacebook.


Despite the demonstrable unreality of its mission, the CO2 Coalition has already found favor in the White House.

That “despite” is mighty generous of you.


Apocryphally Willie Sutton said that he robbed banks because that was where the money was. Zuckerberg is simply following suit and taking money to promote lies that endanger the world. No big difference that I can see. Being bereft of morals is convenient in the pursuit of money.


It’s an opinion masquerading as fact, not opinion. A common mistake to make if you’re sole concern is making as much money as possible.

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Maybe Zuckerberg and all the wankers at facebook and on facebook get the fuck out - maybe to Mars - and fuck up their own planet. That would solve a lot of problems, I guess.

When the economy is significantly interrupted because of climate change, it’s going to make Covid 19 look like a bank holiday. It’s hard to know how much time (if any) the virus bought us… but the potential for climate change to fuck with our reality is something I wish more decision-makers would pay attention to.

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