Facebook's spam filter blocked the most popular articles about its 50m user breach

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There’s no reason to think that Facebook intentionally suppressed embarrassing news about its own business.

There’s no reason to think they didn’t, either.


Wait, what?

When news broke yesterday that Facebook had suffered a breach affecting at least 50,000,000 stories…

Should that be 50 million people?


Industrialized mass production requires a market to buy its output. If mass produced socializing is what they have to sell, then by God, we are going to buy it!

I first noticed this when OK Cupid would robotically ‘flirt’ on my behalf. It made me feel like Jon Henry and the steam hammer.

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I don’t get the theory - in my experience spam is not something that everyone sends, spam is something that a few accounts with not much other verified traffic sends to everyone. What, in the architecture of Facebook or other details that I am unaware of, would cause this logic to flip?

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