Faced with network surveillance, Hong Kong student demonstrators go P2P


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So they’ve added encryption now? I did some packet sniffing when trying firechat with the internet option a few months back and could read the messages.

Would embed an image if I was allowed to but new users don’t get to do that apparently.


It is not complete gibberish, only swedish.


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Sadly, their website is really scant on details. Anyone know of a good reference elsewhere?

This sounds like it would be awesome for music festivals and the like, where the cell network is overloaded, but what little I’ve seen about it suggests it would require a critical mass of users to provide any range at all.

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I haz a sad :frowning:

My trusty old iPod Touch (4th gen) is not able to run Firechat.


If that’s true, is there any good reason the students should trust its security?

I have a 1G!

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Does a smartphone’s wifi at least leak less identifying information on the device, compared to regular messaging protocols? Is there anything that can’t be changed to a reasonable alias? MAC addresses?

There is a trade-off between security and speed/ease of use.

I’m not saying one should trade, but when the cell networks are down, you can communicate rapidly with something like this. Which may be worthwhile in some situations.

Except it’s not a trade-off if there are better tools available. Which I don’t know for a fact, but I keep hearing about open-source encryption etc etc.

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