Paris terrorists used disposable burner phones to hide plans. No evidence of encryption


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WHAT? No encryption? What will the FBI think of next for bullshit reasons to peek into every American’s phone?


The terrorists used phones! If only the FBI had the source code to all phone software, they could stop this sort of thing. They could make the phone always listen to what you’re saying for suspicious keywords, watch what you’re doing for suspect activities… we could all finally be safe.



The Cylons own the networks.


Ban cell phones.


I understand the terrorists used words and sentences…


Finally, an idea I can support!


i heard the stupidest thing in an NPR report about the capture of the sole surviving terrorist in the paris attacks - that people at the bataclan theater claimed to have seen “encryption software” on one of the terrorists’ laptops. really? in the middle of a massacre you’re auditing an attacker’s laptop!? right… sounds like the french government is reaching, too.


While driving an auto, I’m a big YES for that!


And “code names”, they had “code names” too.


Oh o spaghetti o’s!



This security theatre is moot points.

NSA has everything.


We know everything, man.

Where are your rights, now?

p.s. I speak as an American citizen, yo, I run this excrement, just like you, and where are you, exactly?


Sounds like NPR parroting the NYTimes or NYTimes’ source.


“no evidence the terrorists used crypto at all” Of COURSE not! The evidence is ENCRYPTED!


oh ! f**k, it is all over ! words and sentences !


Time to ban talking!


law enforcement is quite happy with ubiquitous location devices.

I think your comment should be rephrased:

Ban user-activated telephony and internet access on cell phones.


That would actually make the world safer, unlike The War on Privacy.