Failing car alarm has a great beat


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Tyres O’Flaherty from Spaced would be all over that.


So who now owns the copyright to that beat?


The video’s author, copyright kicks in once it’s transferred into a fixed medium. I imagine the car owner could probably sue him later though.



If the robots win, we’ll have to listen to techno.


“What are you waiting for? Go report it.”

That was badass.


That was awesome. Perfectly suited for a trap(step) song.


The knee-boots really brought the vandalism together :smiley:

I don’t really get why people focus on windows though. Those are much easier and cheaper to replace than body work. Really ding up the doors and it’ll cost the owner way more.

ETA: Oh, I see. She’s a PI and is just trying to make it look like vandalism. This show looks promising.


Quite sweet.


Yeah but if I remember that ep correctly it was also a person-to-person FuckYouGram to the guy whose car it was. I might be wrong, but I think she confronts him with what she found in the car. Either way, I get off on that scene and the way they wove the music into it. I hope you get to see it, it was fun.



I’ve just mentioned the clangers, now we have an agitated one lost on earth!


I call partial bullshit on this one: I think only the very opening part of the video had the unretouched beat.

I can imagine an alarm running off a failing battery will repeatedly drop and restart. If you waited, it would run for less time before restarting; and it would pass through stages where the cycle was an exact number of beats, giving the rhythm we heard. The rest of it had that ‘strife between harmony and invention’ of music, being neither random, nor entirely predictable, and yet preserving the beat all the while. I can’t see a dying battery doing that.

Still fun, tho’


I am sure there’s some tweaks for effect, but I used to have a car with a POS Viper alarm like in the video and when the battery was low (because usually it’s only POS cars with electrical problems have these) it sounded a lot like that.


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