Fake Apple event stream on YouTube actually a crypto scam

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How is that different than the normal Apple event stream?


… This one’s not being run by apple? :smiley:


saw one of these when I attempted to watch the old guy in space event last week…it already had a lot of viewers when I opened it, but was obvious scam . Something like “Jeff Bezos is giving away X bitcoin” or what ever, overlaid on the Blue Origin feed. I found the real feed and the fake one disappeared quickly. I tell ya, these kids and their crypto, gonna be the death of us all :grin:


While we’re at it, I wish someone would find a use for cars other than holding up gas stations already. Pens, forging checks. Horses, stagecoach robberies. Femurs, beating up my fellow primates…


Crypto is working as designed.

Tech Bros just though they were so clever and didn’t see the need any of the tools used to combat Fraud.

They had never been at the receiving end of a scam. So what’s the big deal?


Fruit users scammed again!

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Crypto is used in thousands of transactions daily by people who aren’t techbros. The problem isn’t crypto, it’s scammers, and gullible people, of which there is no dearth. I don’t know the details, but it sounds similar to the Spanish Prisoner (or Nigerian Prince, in modern parlance) scam, so nothing new, except for how the payments are made.

Could be worse. The browser could hijack the users machine and calculate some hashes for the benefit of the scammer.


I heard of this recent scam where a company took people’s money in exchange for the promise that they considered privacy to be a fundamental human right, but it turns out they just wanted to track everything about their customers. Good thing I didn’t give them my money!

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Builds a system that ignores past lessons learned and favors the seller being paid no matter what. Shocked pikachu when scammers use those features that favor parasitic behavior.

Even if Crypto could be reformed. Crypto isn’t going to shake off the stench of being a tool to facilitate scams and Ransomware.

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