Fake money and fake weed


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They should get people to carry the fake money (not the drugs) through places prone to roadside asset forfeiture, just to troll the cops.

I wonder how long it would take the cops to notice that the money that they seized wasn’t on the level.


I dunno if I’d try teasing the Fed with prop money. The difference between props and counterfeits is like the difference between art and illegal obsenity, they know it when the see it, and they’ll confiscate it when they see it so they can see it some more, and maybe bust you in the process.


They have no sense of humor when it comes to their civil asset forfeiture Cash Cow. They’d probably bust you for obstruction of justice, or whatever else they can think of, while yelling "Stop resisting! Stop resisting!’




Pbbt! I’ve seen faker.


Hollywood and the demand for prop money brings back a story. In the late 1970s, my father was producing in-house video for an electronics firm, and wrote a script with a scene that required a (literal) pile of money. The company’s credit union was eventually convinced to supply 5000 one-dollar bills, and (of course) they also supplied a guard who tended the heaped pile of bills. That pile sat on a table in the studio for most of a day during the shoot. When the guard slipped out to use the bathroom, my father casually dropped an extra one-dollar bill into the pile.

At the end of the day, the guard counted the money. My dad asked if it came to $5000. “Yup!”

He told that story for years. My dad could get plenty of entertainment from a single dollar…


Just what every teen needs, to impress their friends on Instagram…


I quite certain that the cops will show up with fake guns and everyone will have a good laugh about how they pranked each other.


Great video post! I miss CraigyFerg and his foul-mouthed puppets. :heart_eyes:


I can see some issues with shipping.


No packages of blue crystals and fake money?


Illegal in Massachusetts. Charge: Criminal Fraud


Wow, that is some terrible-looking fake weed. I mean, it’s green and planty, but looks nothing like actual pot.

Brings back fond memories of selling oregano to my fellow middle schoolers, though. (Yes, I was that asshole, and no, it didn’t work for long.)


Hey! Didn’t I beat you up out behind the gym and make you give my money back? :wink:


One of our local movie rental places has a great collection of movie props in their store, so you can see them up close. Some are quite disappointment (Blade Runner pistol, IRC?). They look so… fake. The camera hides a lot.


I like the single review on Amazon:

good but don’t smoke it I nearly died


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