Prop money on Amazon


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Show up at the local mega-church and toss that in the collection basket. Preacher man will immediately think he’s able to add another Rolex to his collection, only to be disappointed.


Trying to rustle up another story for tomorrow, Mark?

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I’ve got to give props to elguapo22222!

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The Secret Service finds these sort of hi-jinks to be hi-larious.


model: Ulorin Vex

I got some I used for a photo shoot, but this distressed stuff looks better. Either way it’s fairly expensive in quantity.


Cool photo ! Thanks for sharing it here.


You’re already in trouble just for having it.

Story of Hollywood prop makers and their fun times with the Secret Service:

"According to the Counterfeit Detection Act of 1992, a reproduced bill must be: a.) either less than 75% or more than 150% the size of a real bill, b.) one-sided, and c.) made with only one color (so as to discourage the reproduction of identifying factors). "

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The bills they show in the article you linked appear to be complete side reproductions, this is what the requirements of scale change and lacking the other side are for. The ones Mark linked are not a complete side, the paper strip hides an area with different printing on it. So if you pull one out, it won’t look real anymore.

Does this make them legit by standards of The SS? Probably not, laws tend to hedge their bets with vague BS which allows for selective enforcement. Such as: “…and anything else which a reasonable person might find deceptive”. Even if you use play money straight from a toy store in a real ctime, they’ll probably try to prosecute anyway.


The kid in me thinks this is pretty cool.

The cynic in me says any kind of public use of these “props” will earn you unwelcome attention and possibly a visit from people who have no sense of humor, but all sorts or authority to detain/arrest/imprison you.

Who is she? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ulorin Vex

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