Family bought a Warhol Brillo Box for $1000, traded it, then learned it sold for $3 million

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Ouch! Oh man.

Oh man.



Lots of Warhol in the news lately.


Yeah, if I bought some art in 1969 for only $1000 I’d probably use it as a coffee table too.


Note to self: Buy shitty art and horde it for 40 years.


I bought this in the 80s for about $250. That’s my adventure in art.



Man, I wish somebody would simply buy my art, even.


Art clueless here, what is it worth now?

Maybe $2,500+


Commerce is typically lost in the subjective metaphysics of establishing “value”. If they sold it for $1000 happily, then that is presumably what it was worth to them, signifying a successful transaction. So why would it matter to them if it was worth a different amount to somebody else? The fundamental question as a seller seems like “What is it worth to me?”

Arriving at a mutual decision about the value of a thing is socially useful. Making it instead into some game of “most dollars for me because I’m special” might seem tempting, but it is dunderheaded wishful-thinking based upon pre-programmed instinctive behaviors rather than anything with real self or socially actualized agency.


That’s what my first link suggests as well.

Were there actually brillo pads in it? Seems like they would be all rust by now.

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I sold some Apple stock in 2000 or so. I got a fair price.

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No. It’s a famous Warhol piece of “art” – it’s a facsimile of an actual Brillo box made of wood rather than cardboard. It seemed cleverer in the 1960s, probably due to rampant use of controlled substances.

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I bought Apple at 18 and was happy to sell it at 24-25
such were the times

I bought Yahoo at $109 and sold it at $3. I win!

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Give us a peek, then.

As has been said before “Hindsight ain’t worth a damn!

I have posts up at the Making, Crafting, Creating thread. I will post some in-progress shots today.

As always, I’m needing the work, so anybody who’s interested can message me. I promise it won’t cost $1000 per piece, even at today’s prices (well, unless it’s huge).

ETA: Progress post up.

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