Famous musicians made out of their CDs


Those poor poor artists! If only Elvis had had DRM, I’m sure his record label would have made him a rich man. Instead, wicked pirates stole his music, making it impossible for him to sing, and relegating him to a life of poverty and squalor.

No, wait.

Thank goodness the record labels have these artists to stick up for them. Otherwise, who would bring our attention to the plight of hard-working corporations? Columbia would probably be shivering in a garrett right now, and RCA would be panhandling on Union Square. I wonder if Pagano and De Turco were paid for their work - or were they just driven by a passion for justice?


I suppose there’s a level of irony intended that all of the artists depicted are already long dead. I guess this qualifies as a sort of frame-up? If this is intended to point the finger at piracy for harming these artists, it has to be at least a little tongue-in-cheek. Either that or the artist lacks self-awareness to a worrying degree.


The website doesn’t say much, but I’m betting on the latter. Also, where’s the TVs? Wasn’t it video that killed the radio star?

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I wish I could listen to music from my favorite artists, but it’s all been stolen.

If only those wicked pirates could have stopped at mere illicit copying, indulging in that ancient American tradition that Thomas Jefferson praised so highly, rather than stealing what was once free for all to enjoy! Theft is a terrible crime, especially the theft of ideas and sounds, which leaves us all empty-headed and speechless.


Stealing the sound of music, stealing the smell of food…


So piracy shot bob Marley dead? Blank CDR’s devalued Michael Jackson’s image?

The images are cool though and precisely because of this it reads like a classic Chewbacca defense argument against piracy.

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Now make a bunch of portraits of musicians from the money they were screwed out of by their labels!


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