Fantastic DIY miniature Nintendo Entertainment System

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Sure, it’s neat, but who has a TV small enough for it?


Dang, that looks neat. I want one!

Very, very cute! I want one!! But I wonder if it would have support for other controllers?

It’s standard USB ports on the front, so you could plug in nearly any type of controller :slight_smile:

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Seems so obvious this is fake- he just made this up to cover up the fact that he actually invented a shrink-ray.


Some wonderful making going on here although I’m not quite sure why the Arduino was in there. Was it just to simplify some of the peripheral communication aspects?

… or just because, you know…


Basically. If I understood right, he’s using it as a simple-to-address interface. The way he set up the power button, reset button, etc. on the front would be a pain to set up through GPIO but the interface to Arduino is pretty easy to set up. I’m guessing the NFC reader was just a bonus. Arduino library to read the NFC and respond on serial emulation over USB to the OS.

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Oh, for sure! I was wondering whether it would be easy to get the Pi to support, say, an xbox 360 controller!

As soon as Trump is president all controllers have to be tiny.


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