How to make a gigantic Arduino


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Totally disappointing, thought it’d be as big as a automobile.


So more like a “Arduinisimo.”


I’ve only seen microcontrollers before, not macrocontrollers.


Arduino Grande? Is that some young, pop star?


Giant Arduino? I was always partial to those giant pencils when I was a kid, like on Land of the Giants.



First I expected a bunch of CMOS chips, then maybe a huge PCB with an AVR in the middle, but actually this does nothing except look like a microcontroller board.


It looks like the connectors are embedded in the larger mockups of the connector and other components similarly embedded, yes?

If so it’s kind of like the way an integrated circuit is much tinier than the chip it’s embedded in,

Except for the standard external connectors though. I suppose you could make a HUGE USB connector and an adaptor, for example.


Yes, all the pins from the real Arduino UNO are broken out to the banana plug connectors on the oversized headers. I made huge pot switches, resistors, LEDs, that plug into those.


Where are you going to find hat boards for that?


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