Fantastic old-time Halloween songs

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Watch the vid…


I was being driven crazy (OK, mildly annoyed) trying to figure out the name of a little creepy tune that gets played all the time at Halloween.

Fortunately, there’s an article on it in Atlas Obscura that filled in all the background.


Good stuff, Jason! I really like the Henry Hall “Hush Hush Hush” song. The first time I had ever heard it was while playing BioShock 2. It’s really creepy when you hear it in that context, while exploring the decaying halls of Rapture. I found this cool edit of the song being played “in an abandoned building” to give you a taste…


Weirdly, “Skeleton Dance” is impossible to find anywhere except YouTube. Not on Disney+, not anywhere else as far as I can tell, and the last DVD collection that had it is 20 years old.

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Halloween playlist from StinkyPeteThePirate

I love Ub Iwerks, and it should be easier to find his stuff. He invented Mickey Mouse.

For that extra shiver of cold, existentialist dread creeping down your spine, include some old IBM company songs.


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