Ministry's "(Everyday Is) Halloween" (1984)


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OK, is this going to turn into a “Halloween songs” thread?

Well then, let’s get started. . .


I’m in.


Same Old Madness is less topical but the best Ministry song.



It’s like he looked at Depeche Mode and said “I’d like to do that, except not be quite as rough around the edges and tough as those boys.”


are we suggesting spoopy music up in here?




cracks knuckles

Are we doing this?


Surprisingly few boobs, actually.


You know what’s cool? Play all the videos at once!

Bonus points: Play them in the dark, with sub-woofers, just as the little goblins show up at the door!



Don’t forget, tonight is the night for the Dead Man’s Party.



“Feeling like a scarecrow and the people are the crows,
gotta look like a menace so they don’t come too close”

  • I dressed as my teenage self for the Halloween office party this year and this was my theme song.



Pesco, where is the 2018 candy hierarchy?



Lustmord’s IXAXXAR is good for that, but hard to find on YouTube. As is Morthond’s Age of Crying, which might be on there, I uploaded it a few years back. Am on my phone, or I’d link it.