Everyone's favorite underground club Halloween anthem from 1984


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My God, so much fair use!


Came to make sure this was pre-Paul Barker, synth-happy Ministry. Happy to see that @pesco delivered!

BRB - Goth dancing!!!


great song but kind of like singing the un-birthday song on someones actual birthday


Of course we can listen to this song on Halloween? Why wouldn’t we?


Stay out of the daylight!


That’s one of the few sketches I liked from that era, actually.


We used to have an occasional thing we’re we’d all get together, get blind drunk and watch Goth Talk and an episode of some US talk show that someone taped where people came out to their parents as goth (or in one case, a massive Kiss fan who made his platform boots with wood :neutral_face:)



I think this song was on the cassette tape I borrowed from a friend labeled “Goth girl panty remover tape”


Did it work?


Don’t know if it was that song, but the tape in general? Seemed to work well enough that the tape got widely copied amongst my circle of friends. I wouldn’t call this scientific proof but still


I’m more smoothed-out on this one:


Wow… that’s fucked up.

Goth girls wear panties where you live? XD


Black ones of course.


I know Sisters of Mercy’s “Some Kind of Stranger” worked on my panties at least once.


I noticed that of all the characters in South Park the writers never mocked the goth kids. They were never set up as posers or fools. They were the authentic rebels. They cut class. They smoked in grade school. They stole cars.


I’m very sure there were several Sisters of Mercy tracks on that tape but I can’t remember which ones.


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