This is the Halloween anthem you're seeking (video)

Originally published at: Ministry's 1980s goth/synth-pop masterpiece "(Everyday Is) Halloween"

For folks who are online now, our local X station is playing retro spooky music for the next hour… noon to 1!


On the way back from my moms house on Sunday, I caught part of a Retro Lounge Cocktail show, and they had some old spoopy songs. A couple stood out like Harry Belafonte’s Zombie Jamboree - which depending on which version you hear, name drops Topeka!

The other one that caught my ear was this 50s Rock version of The Raven.

And of course because of Devil’s Night and The Crow, this song I always associate with this time of the year.


Oh! And…

Putting up this version instead…



I’ll add some more dark tunes, though the tend to still be a bit dancy.

Remixed by Razed in Black, that’s why it’s so good.

This French industrial band, Shaarghot, is absolutely killing it. I hope they tour here some day. If you like this song, they made a 20 minute short film/video for it!

This one is a ballad and somber.

OH hey - it’s not industrial, but it always felt it was very moody and full of angst to me. Perfect for a rainy moonlit night.

And it is way over played, but still the king of Halloween music videos IMO.

@Mindysan33 Thank goodness for WWDITS for re-introducing the world to Norma Tanega’s You’re Dead. A great folk song!


Excellent anthem. I remember this well from those well spent evenings at the clubs.

More stuff that makes me think of Halloween…


Ah, you Happy Mutants, this thread should have had more traction!

And I only got a gaggle of older kids (though they had some nice costumes!), and one lone trick or treater later. :frowning:

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