Fantastic space-age "tube turntable" from 1968

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I wonder if they’d be easy enough to fix to turn that into a viable business model.

Note that his high and low figures are both unrestored. And a few hundred is like 400-700 (high includes shipping to US).
I suspect the real market for these would be working and restored. My guess is that after restoration and overhead of selling costs (auction consignment, retail storefront, and less so for ebay)…you’d probably need to be selling at $2k or more in order to make a fair profit. I doubt there is a supply or demand to make much from this specific model, but the idea of restoring vintage audio equipment seems viable, as does selling it in an antiques type shop.

Neat. Where does the iPhone dock?


This is actually an early form of Spotify being tested by Columbia House in the late 60s. These were designed to fit in pneumatic tubes and be shot out to subscribers.


Talk about form over function!

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They look neat, but unless that youtube vid does them great injustice, the sound is pretty atrocious.

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