Farm and Field Lockback is a handsome pocket knife

Very nice looking knife. But I have one problem with its design. The way you unlock the blade can be seen towards the end of the handle. Gripping the handle in a normal fashion, the palm of your hand pushes against the unlatch mechanism. If while you are lifting the knife, you catch the top edge of the opened blade, your palm puts even more pressure on the latch and the blade can unlock and close on your fingers. Try this: put a pencil in your hand and hold like you would a knife. Now push your other hand down on this pencil. Feel how it pivots in your hand? I have a scar on my right hand pointing finger and 6 stitches to prove it could happen. A liner lock, or a latch built higher into the handle is in my opinion safer. I carry a legal non-folding knife every day.

I dunno I have an old buck scoutlite with the lock in roughly the same position, and haven’t had that issue. It did happen once by I was like 16 and doing things with the knife I definitely shouldn’t have been. Which was the major reason we had knives at that point.

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Yes, it happen when I was 13yo or so with a Buck 110. Up in a tree on Mount Diablo. I think I was harvesting mistletoe to sell at Xmas.
It is all coming back to me…

Maybe the rule should be don’t leave teenage boys alone with classic american folders and a dodgy VHS about “ninja” martial arts techniques. Aside from narrowly missing the loss of a finger I had to help re-do the drywall and spackling in my friend’s house as punishment.

Hand Eye Supply sounds like the home of the 5 finger discount.

I’ve got one, I love it. Bit big to carry round in your pocket in the UK though (still technically legal, but I imagine the busies would be arsey about it).

I should have used the more inward term “feel the need to carry”,rather the the projection of “see the need to carry”. I was only speaking for myself, not commenting on others’ need for knives. That’s not my business.

ah, right on. Thanks for clarifying. It did sound weird, my misunderstanding.

Not really. A Sodbuster has a completely different handle and blade shape. I have no idea where you’re getting that from. I do think it’s funny that Hand-Eye is charging almost double what it normally goes for. I suppose that’s where your dismissive “hipstered-up” comment comes from.

That company makes a Sodbuster-style knife, though. I believe it’s the “Bull Nose.”

I ordered one from knivesshipfree ($69). It arrived today. The quality is nice, and its friendly looking (I got the gitd) which is good sometimes. The first inch or so of the blade was kinda dull out of the box (or in this case tube). Some time with the wicked edge system and an old leather belt, and now its definitely sharp. Its all the benefits of a slipjoint, but with a lock…

Be advised that ‘healed up nicely’ does not always apply to clean cuts if you make it is far as a nontrivial nerve or a tendon capsule. So, um, don’t do that.

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