Farming while Black: farmers allegedly sold fake certified seed in an effort to bankrupt them

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I’m so tired of this shit.


This is like the very definition of “diabolical”, as it would apply to some comic book villain, C. Montgomery Burns, for example.


They might be able to say that they were merely given the wrong inventory. Could be fairly difficult to prove that the wrong seed stock was given to them on purpose, unless this was done multiple times during multiple purchases over the last year. My assumption is this is the case but the source/article doesn’t specify if it was a single large purchase or multiple ones. If it was a single purchase an argument can be made for incompetence, the other is systemic racism.

Disclosure, i’m not making the incompetence argument just trying to think of potential excuses that might come out in court.


Even if it’s not an elaborate conspiracy to steal farms from black families. It’s a demonstration of the willingness to victimize marginalized people because they often are unable to fight back. As long as we have racist courts and racist prosecutors, we’ll have racist businesses. When there is equal and fair treatment by the law, these dirt bags won’t be so nonchalant about ripping folks off.


If they were given the wrong inventory, then there would also be white farmers that got the wrong seed stock. If it was only black farmers that got the wrong stuff, it doesn’t look good for them.


All kinds of excuses can be dragged out. Honestly even if it was a mistake, because these two black farmers have experienced millions in losses it just doesn’t look good no matter what. I certainly hope these farmers are able to recuperate their losses, screw the seed seller… there’s just no good excuse they can use.


The case has also caught the eye of Tennessee Rep. G.A. Hardaway, who’s said that the issue would be investigated by the government of Tennessee.

Emphasis mine. Good luck with that.


Well, fuck. If this is fought all the way up to the Supreme Court, and no reason to think an industry like this won’t fight tooth and nail… this is not the court the farmers can count on to be fair and impartial.


I don’t necessarily think this would be part of a grand scheme to bankrupt farmers and buy their land for cheap. Sadly I expect it’s more likely just garden variety, casual, racist, cruelty.


Assuming this is true- and it doesn’t look good for Stein (or is it Stine? The post has both spellings)- I really wish this sort of stuff would be the death knell of a company. Either the government shutting them down, or the public boycotting them into oblivion. Seed company discriminates against blacks? No more seed company. Chick-fil-A discriminates against gays? They should have been eliminated six years ago, now. Unfortunately, most Americans are probably completely in favor of corporate bigotry, and the rest can’t be bothered to remember for more than a couple weeks.


If it was deliberate racism, I wonder how long it’s been going on?


That the motive appears to have been bigotry certainly doesn’t add to their charm; but I’m not clear on why they should survive this level of incompetence and/or fraud even if it were dispensed evenhandedly.


It is truly amazing that many aspects of the current 21st century world are still wedded, CEMENTED, in insane 19th century world views. WTF?


You mean like most of our governing systems: legal, judicial, penal, educational?

Though some advancements and changes have been made since the country was colonized, the vast majority of American society is still based on an archaic and obsolete 200+ year old model…

It blows my mind too; none of this shit is sustainable, and it’s no wonder that it all seems to be falling apart at once.


Call me suspicious, but I’m guessing that if we were to follow this up we’d find a series of suspicious low-ball offers for these farms that just happen to coincide with this poor harvest.


This is yet another reason we should be seed saving. You shouldn’t ever have to buy seeds unless you’re starting out or switching crops. Ask Percy Schmeiser about Monsanto and seed saving.


that is a completely grammatically ambiguous headline.

Headlines are supposed to be informative.

Considering which website I’m reading this on I can read it right way around, but it literally could be read both ways.


The first villain that I thought of was “The Man,” from the movie Undercover Brother.


I’m offended I didn’t write that, somehow, and also that calling in TN as a ringer was glossed by someone who has heard of TN before. Gosh that pie is high.
Seed pricing while black: On target to clear 40 Bu/UU$(EUEA)Ac certified by 2025?

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