Farming while Black: farmers allegedly sold fake certified seed in an effort to bankrupt them


I use only the finest quality, certified Onan Brand Seed to scatter upon my stony ground.


just a couple years


I wonder. Less drastic sabotage could have gone unnoticed for quite a while. Perhaps in the Age of Trump, they don’t care if it’s noticed?


Simply look at which racists would profit the most from this.


There’s an urban equivalent. Have you ever noticed how streets are busted in the black neighborhoods? The city will neglect certain neighborhoods, drive the prices down, allow speculative developers in for cheap, take a sweet piece of development money, repeat.
There’s always been purposeful sabotage of non-WASPs, but it sounds like a damn conspiracy. If anything the Age of the Internet (sorry, orange turkey twat doesn’t get this era named after him), has allowed those silenced to have a voice.




But we had a black president, so clearly we’re in post racial America eh?
(an other lies people tell themselves so that they can ignore this shit)


The seeds they got were the sort you would get if you saved your own … field run mutts.

they PAID for enhanced genetics and were given mongrel seed.


Certified seed is sold in a sealed bag. I think the problem was not Stine, but one of their distributors, was opening the bags and selling the good stuff under the counter and substituting “bin run” seed for the Stine seed.

It’s easy to check - how much certified seed did they buy versus how much have they sold?


Also easy to check if they were all buying from the same distributor, and who their white neighbors were buying from.


If the women’s legislative caucus is told, his luck could improve. They are a darned good bunch, many of them African-American. Farms support families.
If it’s the general assembly…might as well drop the investigation into a bottomless pit.

About time to issue hunting licenses with no bag limit on real estate sharks. This one can’t be whitewashed by calling it gentrification. A recent article in …Mother Jones?..on West Tennessee racism indicates that Trumpsters are claiming they’ll own slaves again soon. I’m so not proud to be white under GOP rule.


And where do you figure the company got their seeds? Monsanto didn’t 3D print them.

It’s only the law that prevents farmers from saving seeds from the genetically enhanced seeds they bought and grew and allowed to return to seed. That’s how seeds work and we’re trying to control that and prevent farmers from keeping seeds - it’s illegal but shouldn’t be. Monsanto - now Bayer - are huge multinationals and should not be allowed to put profit in front of our food production. And that’s without the racism. This system is wrong.


Thats why there’s a class action suit.

There are multiple cases. I haven’t seen the university scientists’ data but I think it is likely that they wouldn’t say it was different unless they had the statistical resolution to back it up. They should be able to give the probability that this happened by chance.


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