Suit: Wells Fargo sent contractors to break into our house, loot family treasures rescued from Nazis


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First they came for the bankers…


I’ve been having this argument with people who believe that the USA is not a plutocratic oligarchy, with one law for the rulers (“Do What You Want”) and one law for the ruled (“Sit There And Take This Crap”).

I just sent them this link with the subtitle, “Good thing they didn’t rob a convenience store, or they’d be toast, right?”


Too bad we don’t have a government that could reign in companies like this. If you are home when this happens, assume they are bad guys and take appropriate action to defend yourself.


Except, unfortunately, then the only people you’d be hurting would be the day-laborers, who are almost certainly more economically challenged than the homeowner. The bank would just walk away whistling, plus making a few quick bucks from the exotic derivative they designed to profit in case one of their laborers were to be killed by a disgruntled homeowner…

Pitchforks should be the weapon of choice here.


Don’t forget torches. And flails.

Peasant revolts worldwide teach us about the dual-use nature of agricultural gear. Let’s not forget the lessons.


In reading the OP, I was like “Only the flag? And how did they know the bank did it?” - turns out the quote in the OP was missing the link to the rest of the story. The bank broke into their house three times. Or rather, the company hired by the bank to maintain it during foreclosure did. Pretty astounding.

  1. How is this legal that they can take items inside the house? Foreclosing on the house I can understand (though 2 months is hardly a reason to do so). But if I have a safe of gold or guns or beanie babies, those aren’t theirs.

  2. What exactly did they take? Just curious.


Tumbrels–agricultural cart, also useful for carrying condemned nobility.


For years I have been wondering why every bank in the country hasn’t been bombed to kingdom come. Not that I’m advocating or anything, but if you push people hard enough, bad thigns happen.


#you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows


ok that’s a good point, on the other hand anyone that would take this job ( unless they didn’t know what it was) would be something like a class traitor. At any rate lots of people thing that it’s ok to shoot a burglar that comes into their house, I think if that burglar is doing it in the pay of a large powerful organization then it is more than alright.


Only thing to do then is take off, nuke the banks from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


Could anybody please draw a picture of a board room, xenomorphs wearing suits around a table?

…and possibly also a bank loans counter, with a hatching facehugger instead of the clerk?


Eh… the word is not “reign” but rather “rein,” as in:

  • check or guide (a horse) by pulling on its reins.
    “he reined in his horse and waited for her”
    keep under control; restrain.
    “with an effort, she reined back her impatience”
    synonyms: restrain, check, curb, constrain, hold back/in, keep under control, regulate,
  • restrict, control, curtail, limit
    “they reined back costs”

There’s something painfully funny about this mix up here. I’m… uh… laughing on the inside. Like, for a nanosecond. My imagined unicorn chaser has a rainbow-colored tear rolling down its cheek.


Thanks for the correct! Wasn’t really sure on the spelling, but now I know!


I presume this is what you are referencing?–>


Reference? I meant no reference. I merely proposed a little academic social theory.


I’m not a proponent of booby trapping one’s house. But if there’s a justification, this would be it. At least after the first two break-ins.

Seriously. Eat the fuckers at the banks. I find it surprising that someone hasn’t yet pulled out a 2x4 from their prematurely foreclosed house and beat one of these asshats and sent a message.


How about this?