Two bros faked spoiled spuds in $2 million federal insurance swindle


I’ll say it—bros before hoes.


$2 million - no small potatoes…


Happens more often than one would think.

Also provides food for thought into the grand myth of the “Disappearing Bees”.

Real CCD hasn’t been seen in years, yet a handful of bee-farmers seem to keep experiencing high, unexplainable (yet insured!) losses.

Things that make you go Hmmmm.

So… you’re telling me that Harvard and every other university and other group that’s been investigating it are all part of a giant fraud ring?

Incidentally, they’re pretty sure that the “unexplainable” problem is the result of neonicotinoid based pesticides.


Jail’s too good for them. They should fry. And with no appeel.


White on white (foods) crime.


Thank goodness the legal system was able to ketchup to them.


Wouldn’t spoiled potatoes make fine vodka?

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More like things that make want to talk to you about an investment opportunity. Let me start by saying this is NOT pyramid selling… … …

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I’m surprised they weren’t charged with assalt and vinegar.

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Then they’d be in a bit of a pickle, no?

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If I was saying that, I would have said that. I am saying that creating an economic subsidy for losses increases the likelihood that such losses will be reported.

As far as “All of the universities” researching CCD… All I can say is that everyone’s gonna line up at the research trough as long as it’s filled - And as long as the mainstream media is selling copy re-re-re-reporting the fabled “beepocalypse”, those troughs will continue to be filled with funding.

A suggestion for the very interested: Determine what CCD is, where it is happening, and how frequently. Look beyond the mainstream media and blogosphere. You will be surprised.

As for Neonics: One dubious scientist with an axe to grind, and a Gigaclick of like button activism can’t be wrong, can they?

Did you just negate all university research because funding?


I think his bees are making bitter honey.

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