Crashed truck releases millions of bees on highway

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Motorcyclists: pray?

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FINE I guess I’ll be the one to post this:


So if bees get in an accident, somebody comes to kill them? Isn’t that a bit daft?


Nicholas Cage could not be reached for comment.


When particle synthesis attacks!

What is this “Coeue d’Alene”? Coeur d’Alene, maybe?

Damn! Bees having a rough 2015

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Bees come down!

I guess the main cause of colony collapse disorder is the lack of little teeny seatbelts.


Imagine running that Ironman, which was only 200 yards away from the crash. As if it wasn’t hard enough. Let’s throw in millions of bees

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Time once again to pull out Arthur C. Clarke’s Critical Mass…

It’s Coeur d’Alene BTW.

Not to mention triple digit heat…if it was easy everyone would do it.

It is Coeur d’Alene…but don’t feel bad even people who live here have trouble spelling it.

From that sign I have learned to be cautious of bees rolling up windows.

I had no idea that Jhonen Vasquez was a truck driver now.

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This looks like a job for Doctor Bees!

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