Brick wall collapses to reveal giant beehive


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No-one was hurt, and the local news reports that the bees are fine, too.

One volunteer excavator was trapped inside the damaged structure but he fought off all rescue attempts.


What the hell is going on with the bees this week? Settle down, bees!

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I wonder what the next Untraditional Pierogies will bee…

What kind of bees?

Better hope the bees aren’t transported by whatever trucking company caused this:

Motherf@#$CKer, that’s a massive colony.

Note that just because bees have been there for years doesn’t mean it’s the same bees. Such unmanaged colonies typically experience a cycle of die-out/rehabitation.

I was wondering if it was the same bad bees, First thy wreck a truck, then a building. Now I hear, in defiance of all sense, the cops issued them a firearm permit. Good job, NRA.

Brick Wall Porter? Brick Red Ale? Beeling Good Lager?

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It felt like I was “Hit in the Head with a Brick and Bees Stung my Tongue Honey Brown Lager”

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See my photos of the relocation here:


It’s really very encouraging to see that efforts were made to preserve and relocate the bees, rather than just douse everything with toxins and be done with it. Perhaps we’re learning.

We’re learning that news agencies are watching; I’ll bet they were loading up on Raid when the tweet came through.

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Lotta bees in the news lately! Up in Canada we’ve got this story:

Note that all the news stories are about things that happened to bees. Not a word about how bees hurt someone. It sounds like the bees switched to a much better PR firm.


it’s also just more fun. this guy gets free bees with good survivor genetics. the brewery and the local media get a better story.

Mead anyone?

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What are “survivor genetics”??

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