Fascinating guide to antique space maps (Also, the Earth is square)


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If you’re going to draw up a square Earth, why not throw in some angels, too?


Time Cube?


(Also, the Earth is square)

That explains what happens to Columbus’s fourth ship, the Sin Prudencia.

It fell over the edge.


I bet those GOP~Tea Party folkes have that square Earth image in a place of distinction!


I thought that surely the square Earth thing was some sort of joke, or maybe a specialized projection for some obscure technical use. So I RTFA, and nope. The guy who made it was just a fucking idiot with a bible, an ego, and a blindingly bad case of Dunning-Kruger effect.


Is it really called the Nebra Sky Dick?


I call fake. Where are the turtles, hmmm?


“Sky Disk”, maybe?


It’s the official map of the GOP.


Don’t spoil it.


The article jokes about the limits of 18th Century knowledge because they drew California as an island on a map, but it’s not clear from their comments or the enlarged archive image whether it’s actually intended to be the state of California or if it’s actually just California, the mythical island of black amazons, one of the many mythical places that get grandfathered into maps or sneaked in for purely decorative purposes.


Square, flattish, and don’t forget HOLLOW, which we can see from the big hole at the North Pole. The aurora borealis is caused by rays of light coming out of the hole at the North Pole, projected by the small star inside the hollow Earth. Anyway, if we’re on a spherical planet that’s spinning around at 1000 mph, why don’t we see 1000 mph winds all day?


That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


Of course it’s square.


The Wikipedia article needs correcting then


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