Fashion student simulates couture collection made from Alexander McQueen's cloned skin


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Do the clothes need “sunscreen” when you wear them outdoors?


Does it come with pants?


Ah, but how about clothes made of simulated Steve McQueen? She could call it the Even Greater Escape line.


Or how about clothes made out of simulated Lightning McQueen skin?

Sure, they’d be heavy, but they’d be stylish, easy-to-clean, and offer incredible protection from the elements.



Am I the only person squicked out by the idea of wearing another human’s skin, regardless whether it was from cloned material or not?



I have to imagine the yuck factor is part of the point. They meant to raise issues around patenting human genomes. They did something sure to make headlines to do so. I think maybe they actually wanted us to think, “God, this is so wrong” to enchance their point.


That’s a fair point, but I have to wonder about this possibly creating a Streisand Effect?


No, you’re not. Even the idea of a lampshade is creepy, moreover in view of these other historical stories - true or not - this project is remarkably tone-deaf.


Skin lampshades are a total Godwin; Hitler’s were the first thing I thought of upon opening this post.


Breaking News:

Art Student Ironically References Other Art Student


Every phase of this vaporware non-project is nonsense and lies, starting from the premise: you can’t get DNA, let alone pluripotent stem cells, from a clipped lock of someone’s hair, only from hair that was pulled from the scalp with the root intact.



If it makes you feel better there’s a thin layer of other people’s skins all over pretty much everything around you…


Not sure I should trust a source called “disinformation”.


Hey! Ed Gein wasn’t a Nazi. (Instead, he was a quiet man who kept to himself) You take that back!


Old sloughed off skin particles amid all the dust; yeah, I am aware, thanks, but I’m not a neat freak, or a germophobe.

The difference being:

A) That’s kind of inevitable unless one plans on living like bubble-boy.

B) Tiny microscopic particles from everyone’s skin is not the same as a bunch of particles from one person being made into an entire garment.



You’re right; he was even worse, because he didn’t even have the lame excuse “I was just following orders.”


Possibly was; ever been to Plainfield?

Gein was still alive and incarcerated in Madison when I lived there. He was the inspiration for a local form of bad taste joke, called a “Geiner,” some of which unfortunately have come back to me thanks to this story. I won’t share any of them with you, but I suspect if you google “Farmer Fannies” you’ll find some.


How about a windowshade?


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