Father builds DIY 'American Ninja Warrior' course for daughter in back yard

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We can only hope that, one day, Lylah will realize just how much her father loves her.


We adults watch this and think: “adorable video… cute little girl, wonderful father,” and we’ll forget about it tomorrow. But in the unconstrained imagination of this lucky little girl, this is the real thing. She’s an American Ninja Warrior, being cheered on by her furry friends. She’ll remember and cherish this for the rest of her life.

Awesome job, Dad. You win the internet, even though you’re setting the bar awful high for the rest of us.


Hmph. I could beat her time. Don’t see her dad filming me, do you?


Just all around wonderful. The course is awesome and that´s some serious skill and strength for a little child.


OMG! That’s so dangerous. Quick someone send the authorities to put that most awesome dad away.

Watched Ninja Warrior for years but didn’t transfer to American Ninja Warrior. But I’ll surely watch when she makes it.

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“But in the unconstrained imagination of this lucky little girl, this is the real thing”

Huh? Are you crazy? She IS an American Ninja Warrior. I double dare anyone to say otherwise.


I like the stuffed animals set up as an audience…

Take that, helicopter, bubble wrapping parents…

googling “attractive nuisance” is an exercise left to the reader.


This is what excellent parenting looks like, and what the next generation of nobel winners looks like too.


This is damn brilliant. That girls looks so happy, I’m jealous of both her and her dad!

I was at the playground with my 1.5 yo daughter yesterday and we were hanging out on a big rock that has a sculpture on it. A bunch of bossy 3 to 4 yos came up and started playing on it. Eventually they got comfortable enough to start trying to boss daughter around, telling her which parks of the rock were “for babies” and telling her babies couldn’t climb up the rock. I popped her on the ground, and with minimal assistance, she climbed up the side of the rock they were climbing on. I shouldn’t take so much pride in making tiny children speechless, but it was pretty beautiful, and when my daughter got to the top she just yelled some of her baby-gibberish at them, then sat down again and put her arm around the sculpture.


“But who will think of the children?!”

This guy will, thank you very much.


Where do the children play-ay-ay-ay-ay-aaaaayyyy-ayyy?
*shows video*
Well ok then!

I watched the Ninja Warrior show obsessively for a while, and this father has nailed the feel of that show.

Bravo to the brave contestant and splendid announcer.


The American version is impressively intimidating. The original seems oriented ha towards getting people to contuse their testicles and fall into vats of pudding, but ours is more “holy shit I can’t believe they did that.” And that with fit but relatively ordinary shaped contestants; there’s no Vin Diesel or The Rock types competing. I see these types of people at the regular yuppie gym.

Iron Chef is similar to me. Loved the original but never cottoned the the American version. Not knocking either. I just preferred the originals. Interestingly enough, I did prefer the American version of The Office. Maybe it’s that things imprint on me like I’m a duck and I prefer the one I see first.

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