FBI admits to giving flawed testimony for decades


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“Mass disaster”…sure, that too. But how many deaths does it take for the event to count as “mass murder”, again?




Sure, but this minor injustice is a small price to pay for all the time they saved. Investigating is hard.


What did Stalin say about mass deaths?

All that thinking…and studying…we had stuff to do!


Another entry for the Newspeak to English dictionary.

Flawed testimony = perjury


flawed testimony is testimony that is not as good as it could be due to some mistake, this is largely fraudulent testimony.


Prosecutors aren’t in charge of finding the truth. That’s the judge’s job. Unfortunately, most judges are former prosecutors.



Is geepers/jeepers the next gif/jif pronunciation dispute on the horizon?


Man, this isn’t even the first time in the last year or so that it turns out that FBI testimony on a whole class of forensic evidence was deeply flawed (and in the prosecution’s favor). Good thing it wasn’t being used in death penalty case… oh, fuck.


So how much more backed up will the judicial system be with all the appeals that will be filed due to this (at best) misleading or (at worst) perjurious testimony? If I were an inmate at whose trial anyone from the FBI testified, I’d want to give it a shot.


My query is how many more of these “revelations” regarding corrupt / lying police/feds have to come out before we stop treating LEO testimony as being “beyond reproach” in the courtroom?


And expensive. All those person hours.




Don’t worry guys, I reported it to the @FBI.


Fucking scum.


Does this mean that all that stuff I keep seeing on Bones isn’t true?

Edited to add:

  1. Covered by The Intercept last month It’s not just hair ‘analysis’, it’s pretty much all of forensics. Only DNA has any validity.
  2. [Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward] (http://www.nap.edu/catalog/12589/strengthening-forensic-science-in-the-united-states-a-path-forward) [free download from the NAP]
    "While a great deal of analysis exists of the requirements in the discipline of DNA, there exists little to no analysis of the remaining needs of the community outside of the area of DNA."
    This report was published in 2009.


Makes no difference. Jurors know in the gut that the guy is guilty. Even if the specific evidence is ouright fabricated, that’s just a technicality - they guy has got to hang!

And now most jurisdictions elect judges - so that the police union can fund electoral campaigns to recall the judges who expect police and prosecutors to prove their case.

When the people want mob rule, that’s what they get.


What do you expect from assholes who park like this?