EFF makes DoJ admit it lied in court about FBI secret warrants


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I assume there’s no penalty for perjury, if you represent the government?


“That suggestion was mistaken,” wrote Justice Department lawyer Jonathan
Levy. “We regret this inadvertent inaccuracy and apologize for any
confusion that may have been caused.”

Cory, do you really read this as an admission of lying?

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Well, when the president government does it, that means it’s not illegal.


From what I read, Cory claimed they lied, not that they admitted it. Of course, in legal-speak, this is an admission.


Perjury by an attorney is a disbarrable offense.

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That’s why it has been renamed as mis-speaking.


Bonuses, actually.


I submit that you should change the phrase “it lied.” to “they lied.” because it is people that are doing the lying and those individuals should be held accountable for lying to a judge.


So they merely suggested what people could do with NSL’s? Are they in a position to do so? If they’re not , then why suggest? And if they are in a position to do so, then its more than a suggestion.
Or are they claiming they did not know? No, they’re claiming their suggestion was… Ah, screw it! For all intents and purposes they lied.

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“Whoops - really goofed up there!” said the ‘Most Transparent Administration Ever’.

So not only are they issuing loathsome, Constitutional-shredding security letters in the name of ‘stopping teh terrorizts’, but then they can’t even ADMIT to doing it when legally required in a court of law.
Because FYTW.

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An admission of wrong doing when overtly twisted and excusatory legal vomitus would suffice?

I think not.

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