Trump to pardon Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney's former chief of staff


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For crying out loud even George W. Bush didn’t think Libby deserved a pardon.


On the other hand, it’s been such a long time, Scooter who?


Maybe Trump thinks it’s the other guy with orange skin.



Sorry, but Scooter Libby got screwed under a perjury trap for lying about something he had nothing to do with. Richard Armitage leaked the stuff about Valerie Plame and he and Colin Powell let Libby hang to cover their own asses on this. Trump’s a shit but he’s right here.


So what’s happening now that this is supposed to distract the masses’ attention away from it?


Among other things today:

  • Some juicy excerpts of Comey’s soon-to-be-published memoir were just released, in which Comey says meeting with the President gave him flashbacks of his days fighting organized crime and also detailed Trump’s obsession with the alleged pee tape.
  • Trump’s former doorman just revealed he had to sign an NDA regarding an illegitimate child Trump fathered with the maid.


Unless you have eidetic memory, you will make some false statement if they keep questioning you long enough. Being questioned by police is a trap. Also, Trump still sucks.


Ah, that’s right; I had heard something about his doorman and the Enquirer paying him for a story that they never published. Didn’t know any deets.

Heard about Comey’s upcoming book; meh.


Making a factually incorrect or self-contradictory statement does not automatically constitute perjury.

The easiest way to avoid the so-called “perjury trap” is to avoid willfully lying under oath.


I’m tempted to get a copy just because nothing would get under Trump’s skin like another insider book about the Trump clusterfuck topping the bestseller list. He ranted about Fire and Fury for weeks.


To me it seems likely that it’s his way of showing his contempt for the FBI and demonstrating that he doesn’t think of lying to the FBI as a crime. Or like @maddow said it could be a prelude to pardoning Flynn, manafort, etc.


If Flynn and Manafort flip, though…


Here’s another way to get trapped, besides what I mentioned before:
“60% of people lie during a typical 10-minute
conversation and that they average two to three lies
during that short timeframe.
Most of the people in Feldman’s studies don’t even realize
all of the lies they have told until after the conversation
when it was played back to them on video.”



Hillary testified under oath for 11 consecutive hours in front of people who had been doing their best to find dirt on her for years. They got nada.


Not that far-fetched, actually.


Watch C-Span, then watch a police procedural, and that will give you a glimpse of just a few of the many differences. Also, congress does not have prosecutorial power like the executive branch, nor can they order someone jailed for contempt, like the judicial branch. They cannot work hand-in-glove with prosecutors to set up a strategy to get you because the prosecutors are a different branch of government under the control of people whose bread is buttered from different sources than congress.


Bush wasn’t that bad, he was just a stooge.



Scooter Libby had both top-notch legal representation and powerful allies in the highest levels of government. I’m not sure why you seem to be suggesting Libby’s situation was akin to a kid locked in an interrogation room with a detective hell-bent on extracting a confession before the public defender shows up.