Mueller releases memo on Michael Flynn interview, on eve of #Flynn sentencing


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Bit by bit, inch by inch, drop by drop;


Still kind of mind-blowing that the guys who were elected on the promise of law & order are clinging to the “I didn’t know it was illegal to lie to investigators” defense.


Meanwhile, scores of Republicans, including congressmen, pundits, and Alan Fucking Dershowitz, a man who goes on TV claiming actual legal expertise, are claiming it’s either legal to lie to the FBI or that it was wrong for the federales not to warn Flynn specifically that it was illegal to lie to them.



Harvard Law professor, but also Alan Fucking Dershowitz, “distinguished senior fellow” of the Gatestone Institute, which aids Nazis in Germany and has to be the weirdest double-think going.


I get the impression that Dershowitz’s thought processes resemble a pack of brain-damaged chihuahua-hating chihuahuas fighting each other to the death.


It’s amusing to see Republicans claim that the FBI tricked Flynn into lying, but it becomes clear, reading about the interview, that Flynn lied and then the FBI read back portions of the conversation he lied about, so that he would know that they knew the truth so he could correct his statement, so he wouldn’t be lying to them. And he still lied.

Also: “Ok, it was a crime, but it wasn’t murder.” But the “law and order” guys are making it abundantly clear, in a number of different ways, that they don’t give a damn about law and order except when they can use it against their enemies and only then.


Silly liberal. Crimes are for “illegals”, not for American citizens working for foreign intelligence services.


Well, it just wouldn’t be a Xeni post without a bazillion twit posts attached.


Looks like someone will find coal in his Christmas stocking this year…


just a reminder that Flynn, while compromised, reviewed and cleared the current CIA director

and I believe he still has security clearance, wrap your mind around that one


an interview with Flynn by agent Peter Strzok…

And the’re pretending they didn’t find Hillary’s emails inside? FAKE NEWS!!! WITCH HUNT!!!



The conservative talking point seems to be “hey, he didn’t remember, and they had transcripts of his call, so they could catch him in a lie, but if he didn’t remember, then it’s not really a lie.” Except Flynn later admitted he knowingly made those false statements. He did remember and lied about it.


Isn’t that how it always is with authoritarian types?
(Nepotistic, self-interested, kleptomaniacs)

Also, if someone constantly reminds you what you should be afraid of, they are not trying to help you.

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Also brown people in general. As the Trump admin just proved yet again, with its commission on school shootings - their “solution” is to overturn an Obama era program that sought to prevent black students from being more harshly punished than white students. What does it have to do with school shootings? Not a damn thing, obviously.

Yep. I have to keep reminding myself that Trump and his allies are, in fact, racist authoritarians, who consistently take racist authoritarian positions and actions. Once again, they’re consistent.

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