Clinton attorney found not guilty of lying to feds

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But for the QAn*n-ers, this is just more evidence of guilt, right? “Well, of course the Deep State would protect one of their own.”


So now we can move on the 1/6? Can we get rid of this louse on the ass of the country, and the administration for which he stands? No, of course not. The fascists cannot fail, they can only be failed.


Certainly much guiltier than any of those Trump administration and/or campaign officials who were convicted of the same crime before being pardoned by the guy they lied on behalf of.


Yeah, the verdict winds up being “you have to commit a crime to be found guilty of one.” But MAGA is the cult of persecution, building on the successful model of most Christian faiths of the past two thousand years. Two centuries from now their descendants will be bowing to statues of the great and mighty Trump and burning ritual masks as offerings.


Oh man, the Trumper guy I used to run into was all psyched about “The Durham Report” a couple years ago (yes, it’s been going on that long), insisting “it’s gonna blow the lid wide open on Democrats spying.”

The whole problem with the Sussman issue was that 1.) it was one man’s word against another, and 2.) if he found out incriminating evidence against Trump in the course of his duties for Clinton that doesn’t mean he was there representing Clinton, it was his personal concern, he was there representing the public in general. It’s like you can’t expose criminal acts or espionage simply because it involves a candidate for election, because that’s partisan. On the contrary, it’s above all politics and party affiliation.


Whereas Mueller got a whole bunch of convictions - and almost never had to go to trial due to plea deals. Yeah, I’m not entirely convinced that the “Russia Hoax” was really a hoax…

(I can’t believe they spent something like three weeks in court and the jury decided in an afternoon. That reflects quite badly on the prosecution I would think.)


I investigate whistleblower complaints for work. One thing I am constantly reminding people is that it doesn’t matter why the whistle was blown — Disgruntled employee, Jilted lover, Annoyed neighbor, Angry business partner — only that a crime (or violation) is reported.


Ye gods, it certainly has!

Or was it a different Durham Report? :thinking:


Lying to the police should not be a crime in the first place

I don’t see where this comes from. We have a right to not answer questions and have an attorney present, but a right to lie? Seems a little strange to me.


Qnuts already “know” that Hillary is in jail.


Navy spokesperson said a whole, whole lot in a few short words:

“SEALs do not make arrests.”


Re: Responses

This constant “our team” bullshit needs to die in a fire. True democracy knows no party affiliation, only truth and fair play for everyone.


I believe that it’s only really a crime if it constitutes obstruction of justice (i.e. lying about the material facts of an investigation).


Yeah, if you’re lying to obstruct an investigation, I’m not sure why that should be considered not a crime, unless you think lying is part of your right to not incriminate yourself.

I hate those “fact checks” (“no, Anthony Fauci and his family weren’t kidnapped in the dark of night and whisked away for secret CIA processing in international waters”), completely missing the point.

What we need are “feeling” checks:

"This article was written as pure fantasy to make your brain feel good. Everyone knows this article isn’t true; the difference is some people wish it were true - maybe you were one of them - and that’s why it was written: to manipulate your feelings. To manipulate YOU.

Research shows when you imagine bad things happening to people you disapprove of, it’s the mental equivalent of eating junk food or taking drugs. You don’t even need an article, you can try it right now - just close your eyes and imagine a celebrity or politician you don’t like getting beat up or humiliated by someone you admire.

But just like drugs and junk food, just because something makes you feel good doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Junk food makes you fat; drugs make you sick; reading articles like this and indulging in violent fantasies makes you dumb - you become less able to separate fact from feelings, and more susceptible to hate speech, groupthink, and violence.

And while drugs and junk food are very bad habits, social media is actually worse because it’s much easier to share your bad habits with others. With one click you become a worldwide drug pusher.

Luckily just like junk food and drugs you can kick these bad media habits. Here are some tips yada yada yada"


Special Prosecutor Durham…

Suck It Thomas Middleditch GIF by Team Coco


Basically presenting false evidence is a crime. Making minor lies which don’t affect an investigation do not.

Durham falsely claimed in pleadings, discovery and opening statements that the charge involved Sussman presenting faked evidence to the FBI. This drew the ire of the judge. There was only one charge and it was a minor one, lying about his client. Something the FBI didn’t particularly care about.


“Navy SEAL” has become weird mythological shorthand in America for “generic badass who does whatever I think badasses should do”.


Yeah, whatever happened to Delta Force? They used to be the gunfuckers go-to wank material.

Are they no longer cool?