Rumors flying all weekend - Has Flynn flipped to witness?

Sounds like Flynn was in up to the neck in trouble - if FBI offered him protection he may rat on Trump.

This guy tweet posting every scrap related:

CNN analyst on Air says she suspects Flynn has turned:


Now, can I trust MBFC?


Yes - I agree that that blog is biased - but they did not write anything at the link, just reposted tweets that were reacting to the CNN staff Juliette Kayyem that was on CNN.

Now I see reports she is taking it back:


Here is her appearance on CNN, and her own tweet that posted the claim:^tfw&

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MBFC also says “Factual Reporting: HIGH”. A bias that doesn’t try to alter facts is okay. You just have to adjust for windage.


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That article uses the fact the FBI said it wasn’t going to charge Flynn as evidence that her claims are baseless. But to me, that looks like evidence that he did cut a deal. Does the FBI have to formally charge someone before they can make a deal? It would be hard to make a “We can make this all go away” kind of deal after you’ve destroyed the person’s career by publicly announcing charges…

Also, PJMedia themselves have an must have an interesting spot on MBDC, given their about us page’s description of the stories they focus on:

We’ve been there through primaries and general elections; the U.S. border crisis; doctored climate change data; the gunrunners’ scandal; Department of Justice voter fraud and the Ground Zero mosque – stories that others in the media initially passed by.

looks about right…

ETA : aaaaaand just scanned their headlines. Yikes!


I have an app for that.


He did something with retroactively registering as a lobbyist or something for Turkey??!? Did i get that right?

Not so much smoke and mirrors as choke and micture. (micture more or less means needs to pee)

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The house of cards are coming apart. Flynns actions here are to avoid getting trapped, but I think he’s well past that. The question is, will he be willing to take a bullet for Trump, or will he flip and expose all that went on which will surely be Trump’s downfall.



I thought I was just another boring center-left Social Democrat, but… wait, Social Democrats aren’t a thing in the US? They call us Filthy Commies here?


I wonder how that goes down with the white supremicist part of Trump’s multiple personality disorder?


I’m sure a relevant topic for that good question will roll around any day now.

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