Flynn charged with lying to FBI, will plead guilty

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Hopefully, it’s not the end, either.




Oh, it’s definitely not. Like TFA says, he only got a slap on the wrist, and analysts are essentially certain that given how high-profile the case is, the only way he got such a ridiculously sweet deal was by being able to offer very solid, compelling, and incriminating evidence on much higher-level people than himself.

Note that last bit: “higher-level than himself”. The FBI pretty much only ever cuts deals if you can give them a bigger fish. Now, I’m no law-smith or judge-master over here, but that’s a really, really short list of people. An even shorter list if you remove the ones that didn’t actively antagonize / piss off the FBI.



“Pardon me!”


We can hope.

But, TBH, I’m not holding my breath at this point. I have little faith in our system to protect us from powerful interests that Trump and his ilk represent.

And @NovaeDeArx, I think we’ll see. Again, not optimistic at this point.


Flynn told the FBI that Trump ordered him to make contact with the Russians.

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Well this looks extremely terrible for Donald. Especially if you would consider this video as an analogy for Trump’s relationship and attitude with the FBI and russia probe investigators (up until the 2:05 mark)


Yes General Flynnski, contact Moose and Squirrel for me, must keep suuper-double-seekrit.


While everyone is looking at the Flynn circus, the senate will pass its awesome tax bill.


Now even wall street thinks Trump is facing impeachment


I have the impression that Seth Abramson often expresses an unreasonable degree of certainty.

Like, his interpretation is plausible, but I’m not sure about “beyond any serious doubt”


I’m as keen as anyone else to see Turmp put out of our misery, but again, it’s not a win for him to be shown to be crooked. Everyone knows he is. There needs to be some consequence to his crookedness, or the whole thing is just an exercise in admitting defeat.


This is getting good… going to need more popcorn.


You know what really gets me? The fact that these bozos think that they can hold whatever ground they manage to gain with this tax bill.

I mean, they’ve actively pissed off most of the electorate at this point, and they were losing special elections like crazy before they tried this shit. What the hell do they think the 2018 midterms are going to look like if they shove an abomination like this through? The damn polls will run red with the careers of Republicans hoisted up on metaphorical spikes.

I literally do not understand it, I really don’t. If and when BernieCrat-flavor Dems take over Congress, they’re going to start forcing a ton of very aggressive bills through in retaliation that are going to be very painful for the people that temporarily benefited from these cuts. It’s practically guaranteed at this point, so what gives?

The Dems under Ellison seem to have a very good idea of what they did wrong, and are now focusing very hard on pushing a message that’s popular with the entire electorate, and avoiding stuff that riles up the R base. That completely depowers the Republican messages (they love when the Dems focus on abortion, guns and identity politics, because that gives them something to whip their base up over - good job playing into their hands there, Hillary) as the Reps really don’t have any message anymore to counter economic inequity, higher education cost controls, healthcare for all, etc.


HuffPo wins the Header of the Day:




Until Trump is actually being perp-walked down Pennsylvania Avenue in handcuffs, I’m not going to believe it. And perhaps not even then.

It’s difficult – and maybe foolish – to try to predict the future, but I can make a few predictions:

  1. We will be disappointed by the outcome
  2. We will see massive amounts of foot-dragging and obstruction from Republicans unless the evidence is so damning that they literally cannot ignore it
  3. The foot-dragging/obstruction will continue until Republicans are sure that it’s safe to ‘take a stand’
  4. If and when they do take a stand, they will declare that they were always opposed to Trump,
  5. Whatever the outcome, a sizable part of the country will continue to believe that Trump was a good man who was/is being framed by ‘the deep state’ because he was/is about to Make America Great Again, and shadowy forces don’t want that to happen.
  6. The people who believe that are going to become more vocal and violent, especially if Trump is charged/convicted.

Fortunately, we have a good test of the significance of today’s Flynn revelations: the more furious and unhinged Trump’s tweets over the next 12-48 hours, the bigger deal this actually is.


Now only someone could get enough dirt on Betsy DeVos and her brother Erik Prince then we can basically put a nail in the coffin of the education take over by the Christian Dominionists (basically DeVos has used the charter schools as a way to force “Christian Values” on parents and their kids).