Trump asked Russia to find Clinton’s emails. Within 24 hours, Russians attacked her accounts

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Yeah I remember. Remember like the worst nightmare. Coincidence? Pretty damn obvious. Hiding in plain site the collusion is.


The greatest indictment in all of this tragedy still is on the American voters who put this blatant criminal in office and who still believe they were not duped or fooled. Sadly many were not fooled, they are as vile as the swine they elected. I would say shame on you asses but you aren’t the type of people who can relate to shame.


The sad truth is, the message that his supporters have consistently locked on to, the one that makes his support unwavering, is his utter hate for immigrants.

As long as he takes steps to be cruel to foreigners, even his own allies, he can do whatever he wants, he can be whatever he wants. He could be the Devil himself.

He’s setting up the United States for a long, punishing recession, sending good manufacturing jobs overseas at an accelerated pace, ruining foreign markets for agricultural products that took years to develop, sabotaging healthcare that his own supporters rely heavily on, raising their taxes by double digits through tariffs on the things they buy, and is best chums with the country’s mortal enemy.

And yet the week when news broke about “tender age” detention centers for migrant infants, his ratings among Republicans soared over 90%.

This is backlash for the first black president. And I don’t think there’s a line the president can cross that will turn his supporters against him as long as he goes fascist dictator on people of color. Even if that means becoming a literal fascist dictator.


Trump should distract from this by releasing his tax returns.


Collusion is at least implicitly secretive. What is it when it’s done right out in the open, via public channels? Blatant criminality? Treason?

Well, he openly keeps threatening to become one, and none of his supporters bat an eyelash, so…
I’m not sure all of why supporters keep backing him, despite his obvious failures and shortcomings. The racism is a big part, obviously, but I think things like the sunk-cost fallacy play a big part, too - the longer people stick with him, the harder it becomes to reject him, no matter how awful he’s revealed to be.

They’ll just hint at how much dirty Russian money he’s been cleaning, though. The New Yorker just started a series about his finances, and the most basic facts scream “money laundering.” (Trump, with an estimated $160 million a year in total revenue, minus business costs, taxes, loan payments, family living expenses, etc. mysteriously found $200 million in cash for a money-losing Scottish golf-course, which has subsequently cost him another $100 million in losses. And that was just the first of his big cash expenditures…)


Today is my first day back in the usa after a month in the Peruvian Amazon. It seems there is an air of hate as I walked through American airports, a division in the grouping of people by color and class. I hope it’s me, I hope it’s my unfounded doubts about large masses of American people. I don’t think it is though. Hate has a power that gives purpose to untethered people. We are a nation of service providers, we no longer create products. We can’t find pride in our bullshit jobs. Hate however binds people to a cause, gives them something to rally behind. Pretty hard to say I’m the person who just threw together the shit fast food you swallowed. Jesus this beautiful geographic expanse has been so raped of pride and purpose it’s close to being doomed. I say close because I don’t want to think we are beyond hope but I’m damned if I can see how it’s going to get better. My ancestors packed up and moved because they saw reality. I know where I can buy some ground and replant trees. I’ll work for this country as long as I see hope but the miasma of hate creates a powerful fog.


I feel like it will come out that that public statement was actually a cover for an actual backchannel ask. It gives him a weird kind of plausible deniability. “If I were actually colluding, do you think I would have said that?” or maybe I’m looking too deeply into the chessmaster lens…


What kills me are the people who insist that both Clinton and Trump were equally problematic candidates.


Or, worse, those who insisted that Hillary was the more problematic candidate.


“The fact that I said it in public proves that I didn’t have any Russians to say it to in private. No collusion! Anyway, it was a joke. Folks, a joke! And I never said it. FAKE NEWS! Sad!”


I remember discussing Clinton with some co-workers, and while they all declared they would vote for her, someone commented “she’s hard to get excited about”. I was excited about Obama, but Hillary was very staid.

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And that’s just the start? Good.

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I literally lol’d at this.


In the absolute best case scenario, a presidential candidate said something totally irresponsible and inspired bad actors to do bad things.

Pondering the worst case scenario makes me want to put my head in my hands until 2024.


The hint will be enough to get other official and med investigations rolling. The on-the-books amounts he took from Russian (and “Cypriot”) lenders will still register as unusually large, especially since the large Western banks (except for ones with problems like Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo) stopped lending to him in the early 2000s.

That might open up deeper investigations based on outlier but still plausible theories like this:


And then later on he accused Chris Christie of being the hacker. That was low.


You shouldn’t have to get excited about a presidential candidate to vote for them. It’s an election, not entertainment.


The Cold War is over.
Or do you miss the Cold War & without it you feel adrift?
Putin is an autocrat & we need to keep an eye on meddling in our elections, but as the intelligence chief pointed out, hacking is being done by Russia, China, Iran & North Korea.