Flynn flipped like a pancake, is singing like a canary, and his plea deal is 'very, very, very bad' for Trump


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I think it was one of those vice grips you can buy at certain novelty stores that also sell a lot of leather goods.




hey if someone shoops one with flynn… (keep it PG plz)


literally everyone in the trump administration right now


Chappelle for President!


I don’t understand the problem. Which among us has not been told by his boss to go talk to the Russians and then lied about it to the FBI? Let him that is without sin among you fling the first brick (ducks hurriedly).


Fox News and Brietbart will further move the goalposts by insisting that all of this happened after the election, therefore it’s totally copacetic. We’ll see what happens when the facts are made public.


Well, half will say it happened before the election, and so he can’t be impeached for it, and the other half will say it happened after the election and so it couldn’t have affected the outcome so no biggie!



Trump’s not going to be happy with this.

And everyone else in the White House is going to be even less happy, and feverishly trying to recall exactly what, where and when they’ve been saying to Flynn.


This is actually the Trumper’s defense right now - “Hey everyone in Washington lies, what’s the big deal about lying to the FBI?”


Lets just associate.



я знаю уже.


This is certainly the defense given by several Trump supporters I’ve talked to, when I mention that Trump lies all the time. There is nothing anyone can do or say that would make them stop loving him. I get the feeling that if Trump told them to fly to Guyana and drink poison, they would do it.

Luckily, they are only about 25% of the voters.


Unfortunately it’s the 25% of the voters with the greatest political power - and that power is increasing, thanks to demographic shifts and the nature of congressional representation (and thus also the electoral college).


This looks like a Scooter Libby sort of thing. He admits to lying to the FBI. But what else they got on him? I’m not understanding the excitement with what I’m reading actually happened.



They move the goal posts so much, the field is pockmarked.
Also, I can predict what will happen when the facts are made public -
Normal people: “Jesus Christ, please get rid of this abomination of a president”
Trump supporters: “What about Crooked Hillary?”


Even stranger, they’re making it Obama’s fault: