Special counsel Robert Mueller impanels grand jury as Trump-Russia investigation accelerates


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There’s just not going to be enough popcorn.


I don’t really know how federal jury pools work. The grand jury is in D.C., so does that mean all the jurors will be D.C. residents? If so, that does not bode well for Trump.


Does Trump have the power to stop this at this point? He has already established that he is without shame when it comes to covering his ass (though also without clue as he routinely self-sabotages).

I think he will probably at least try to get Mueller fired and block the investigation, no matter the ‘political’ cost. His loyalists and apologists will provide cover among the alt-right, and the rest of us will have to wait and see what happens.


It’s a double header day…



Once tRump and OJ trade places, tRump will be free to find the REAL meddlers in the election.



Adopted from a joke* told to me by a Russian-emigre student around 1985:


“White House switchboard, can I help you?”

“Hello, operator. Please connect me to President Trump.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Trump has been impeached.”

“Thank you.”



“White House switchboard, can I help you?”

“Yes.please. I’d like to be connected to President Trump’s office.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Trump has been impeached.”

“Oh, sorry.”



“White House switchboard, can I help you?”

“Hello, operator. Please connect me to President Trump.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Trump has been . . . HEY! I recognize your voice. Didn’t you just call me TWICE to be connected to Donald Trump? For the last time, HE’S BEEN IMPEACHED!”

“I know, I’m sorry, I just wanted to here you say it again. It makes me so happy!”

*In the original Soviet era joke, the guy is calling the KGB and is told the KGB has burned down.


Problem is, just about any size glove will fit Grump’s tiny hands.


Finally, I can get fully behind something tRump’s attorney said.

“The White House favors anything that accelerates the conclusion of his work fairly.…”


I’m of two minds on this. While I’d love to see Trump removed from office, I hope it happens much later in his term. I think Mike Pence scares me even more than Trump. I think Pence could get shit done.


It was always about the money (laundering). Connections to the Russian Laundromat and the Panama Papers incoming…


The GIF that keeps on GIFing.


If I was Mueller, I’d isolate the grand jury for awhile (and have them watched).


I’m with you on that, although no one (of sane mind) would want Trump around long enough to pardon certain people.


Sure, but… Ty Cobb?


Treason, organized crime, money laundering and potentially human trafficking.

We tried to warn them, but the GOP just had to find out for themselves.


My consideration of this is, that Pence is already running things anyway. It’s basically him and Bannon calling the shots.

Trump gone means that there will be even less GOP support for Pence, who has the charisma of damp leaves.


So it’s a Russian adoption?


I hear you. My angle on that is that Pence would not (for example) insanely tweet, and therefore be less of an albatross around the neck of the GOP, or, for that matter, figure ‘substantially’ into the mess with Russia (yet another albatross).

If I had the choice of only taking down Trump or only gaining both houses of Congress, I’d opt for the latter; a Dem Congress could stop Trump AND the GOP in their rotten fetid tracks.