As thousands of children are torn from their parents, Trump's popularity rating hits an all-time high

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feckless cunts


Most of Oz-left Twitter has spent the last week trying to alert y’all to this. We’ve been here before.

To the fascist base, this is catnip. He is not going to lose popularity over this.


I move that the Republican party be renamed the psychopath party.


“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Since whoever it was called Ivanka a feckless cunt, I keep seeing ‘feckless’ used in a way that suggests people think it’s a synonym of ‘evil’ or ‘heartless’. It’s not. It’s a perfectly good and useful word, and it means something like ‘thoughtless’, ‘ineffectual’, or ‘irresponsible’ (Merriam-Webster gives ‘worthless’ and ‘ineffective’ as synonyms). Someone who’s feckless is someone who you can’t rely on, someone who’ll predictably do the wrong thing out of cluelessness or carelessness.

And while that’s probably a reasonable description of some people in the present administration and among its supporters, I’d argue that when you’re perfectly fine with ripping children from their parents and locking them away in cages to score political points, when you think that that’s a sign of good governance and strength, and when you’re happy about it so long as those children are of a different color or nationality, that is NOT fecklessness. It’s straight up evil.

Let’s call it what it is – authoritarian thuggery – and give ‘feckless’ back its proper meaning.


Probably a little, but no more than the 3% he gained for the NK summit - which is what this polling suggests. This stuff always lags the news cycle by a couple weeks, but he didn’t gain significant popularity or lose significant popularity either.


I would understand 27% – that’s the Know-Nothing Constant of American politics. But the other 18%? There’s no excuse for them.


You all are acting like a good majority of the “27%” wouldn’t be perfectly happy to implement a cost reduction plan and not house any illegal immigrants while increasing the use of our 2nd amendment tools.




I think the only way this ends is if some state attorneys sue the feds and a judge orders it to stop, at least temporarily until they find a workaround

kinda terrified what next minority he will go after each election year

we’ve allowed our neighbors and relatives to elect a monster and I think they are going to keep doing it now they they see they can get away with it

imagine in 2024 who he will hand-pick to succeed him and how they will have to “one up” this

find myself hoping that obesity will catch up to him but that means acting president pence which would be even worse if you can imagine


There are literally people rejoicing here in Va. because they think that at last they will be able park in front of their homes again as immigrants are being thrown into camps. It’s common for Hispanic households here to have multiple occupants and multiple cars which tend to crowd the streets in some neighborhoods.

Parking. It’s all about fucking parking. JHC.


A portion – perhaps not a majority, but a sizable portion nonetheless – of the “27%” would be happy to turn their 2nd Amendment tools on many of their legally-resident fellow citizens. Many might not do it on their own initiative, but if someone told them it was permitted, indeed necessary to protect ‘the real America’ from liberals and Muslims and blacks and antifa and other enemies of everything good and true, they’d be all for it.

(Counterpoint: I’m sure there’s a probably equally-sized contingent of the left that would be happy to deprive their perceived enemies, if not necessarily of their lives, at least of a good number of their rights. Dehumanization works both ways).

Credible estimates of the number of active participants in the Rwandan genocide put the figure at around 200,000 out of a population of 7 million: about 3% of the total. So your 27% is more than large enough to furnish a pool of extremists who could turn political resentment into actual political violence if given the right stimulus.

I don’t think Trump will light the fuse himself. I don’t think we’re at a tipping point yet. But I do think that every day he and his friends are laying a little more of the necessary groundwork, deliberately and knowingly deepening the divide between “us” and “them”, between the Good People and the enemy. Maybe Infowars and Breitbart don’t have quite what it takes to turn into our very own RTL des Milles Collines. But I do know that the preconditions are being met, and if something catastrophic does happen in the future, we’ll be able to trace it back to what’s happening now.


[really strong sarcasm] [bad taste]
Let us kill them, then. That should allow an easy re-election.
[/bad taste] [/really strong sarcasm]

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So, Trump’s going to force congress to address immigration law, but unfortunately before that happens it looks like we’re going to get “tent cities” which might be far worse than wire cages.

With lines of sight blocked by canvas, the amount of abuse cannot but increase.


Some people just love to hate.


They used a simple but effective recruiting method: Gather up people on “their side” and make them do the killings. Kill them if they wouldn’t participate. After they’d proved themselves and gotten used to the idea, they’d go gather up the next bunch.


You’ll have to do the same for roughly one half od the Amerikan people. The stupidest people on Earth.

Ah, you see we’re hysterical to compare trump with hitler, right?

That’s just silly isn’t it?


45% of Americans? Bull. 45% of Americans who are willing to talk to pollsters and surveyors (without lying to them just for fun). Even direct marketing rates, which promise direct rewards for engaging, are only 15% by phone, 5% by mail, 0.12% by email.


The child separation stuff really has come to a head in the media in the last week or so; approval ratings are always trailing indicators as it can take a few weeks for a new problem to gel in the minds of the public. That’s just universally true.

Trump had done something pretty good for his approval ratings in the last couple of months, ahead of the impending trade war and this border atrocity, which is mostly just shut up.