Jeb Bush quits 2016 presidential race


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I guess we can clap now.


And astonishingly, it means the average quality of the Republican candidates goes down.


This is a deeply weird, deeply disturbing GOP primary. Not that I exactly miss Jeb!, but it’s horrifying that that guy was not far enough in crazytown to appease the hardliners. The wingnut base has reached a new level of nihilism.


Fine with me. The nuttier they are, the less electable they become outside the wingnut base.





Craaaaap. The Trump fan who sits next to me in Marketing class is gonna be so happy, and even more insufferable than he was last week.



You can at least take comfort that this person will be a dismal failure as a marketer in later life.


I’d say Jeb! has the distinction in that family of doing the least harm to America and the world, but isn’t there another kid whose only crimes are being a drunk and a fuckoff?

That’s not really my understanding of how marketing, or life, now that you mention it, works.


Okay, Dr. Carson, you’re up next (don’t forget to walk forward this time).


It’s sad, but true.


You could print out this tweet and just kind of quietly be delighted if they saw it and thought it was a reflection of intellectual prowess:


I agree, but I’m starting to notice a disturbing pattern:

  • There’s no way Trump will run. He’s a lunatic.
  • There’s no way Trump will win any primaries. He’s a lunatic.
  • There’s no way Trump will win the election. He’s a lunatic.
  • There’s no way Trump will win a second term. He’s a lunatic.
  • There’s no way Trump will crown himself Forever King of The Walled Kingdom of Americanadexico. He’s a lunatic.


From this distance, I thought Bush was one of the more sane candidates to the right of US politics.


You are correct. That’s why we have such mixed feelings about this.


There hasn’t been a sane and credible GOP candidate since Jon Huntsman, and until the GOP splits off the Tea Party wackos, there probably never will be again. At least none who will win a primary. Those days are long gone.


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