'We're Gonna Win Big-ly.' Trump wins Indiana Primary for GOP, Cruz drops out


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Well fuck me. I knew this was coming, but still. The thought of Trump as the actual official candidate fills me with dread. (And I guess part of me expected the Repubs would fight this to the bitter end.)


It can’t happen here.
It can’t happen here.
It can’t happen here.

Yet here we are, one step closer to it totally happening here.

And to think, just fourteen freakin’ eleven months ago this man was polling below Darth Vader, Voldemort, AND Ted Cruz.


It’s sad when you you realize that you can’t drink enough any more to match the situation.


Trump is bad, Cruz would be far worse.


And the US is that much closer to imploding.


Not implode. We’ll take down quite a few more along with us.


Hmmmm… wonder which country I should seek asylum in?


I agree. Robert Reich broke down the Trump vs Cruz idea very nicely a while back. http://robertreich.org/post/139677457615
I’m somewhat relieved that Cruz is out.


Huh. Mexico is going to pay for that border fence after all. To stop people escaping south.


Cruz could arguably cause more damage to America if he was in the White House, but I think Trump is causing more damage to America on the campaign trail. Cruz might propose a lot of crazy ideas but he’s generally not whipping crowds into acts of actual physical violence.


It’s like there was only one election taking place in the state today or something. :rolling_eyes:


Maybe… But if the Trump supporters are the scariest part of Trump, who’s to say they weren’t out there all along?


I’m sure they were there, but they didn’t have a major Presidential candidate validating their bigotry and actively encouraging them to commit acts of violence.


That’s the thing with implosions. They take everything around with it


There are not many things I would enjoy about a Trump presidency.

But one of them is definitely the vision of scores of celebrities trudging the trail of tears to Canada.



That gif needs to end with a bird falling on his head…


Or all the train wreck Candidates from the GOP clown car.