Donald Trump and his family watch grimly as Ted Cruz refuses to endorse him

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Pretty sure Trump was entering the building while Cruz spoke, so maybe not?

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Look at how angry most of those drumpf’s are; if this photo wasn’t taken at that moment, then when?

Regardless, we’re seeing their masks slip a little.


On the one hand, not getting Cruz’ endorsement is a good thing.
On the other hand, be eligible for Cruz’ endorsement is pretty damning in its own right.


I’m imagining if this would ever become a situation where you disappear in the night for offending Donald Trump and/or family?


First against the wall?


That would require finding someone who is discreet, morally flexible, and can stomach the idea of touching Ted Cruz.

Might narrow the field a bit. Guy is creepy.


It’s possible but I think it’s much more likely that Trump & Co. will simply ignore it as they do with most other criticism, at least with someone as high profile as Ted Cruz.

However I think it’s even more likely that among ordinary people there are those who would be strongly inclined to take matters into their own hands, especially when it comes to their neighbors. There are areas where I’m sure if someone made the mistake of letting it slip that they prefer Hillary they’d better get out before sundown.

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It’s a bold strategic move by Cruz, but a dangerous one. He’s gambling that (a) Trump will lose, (b) people will remember that he ‘stood up for his ideals’, and © an angel investor, like the Koch Bros, will decide he’s more upstanding than Trump in 2020. It’s a big gamble. But if he’d endorsed after Trump accused him of multiple affairs, insulted his wife, and implicated his father in the assassination of JFK, he would’ve lost his backbone entirely.


He’s slipping.

At one time he would have stopped the convention by reading “Green Eggs and Ham.”


It doesn’t matter when it was taken, this photo is destined to haunt Trump the rest of his life. Sad Trump is sad. And his son looks like a young mafia hit man. “I’m going to kill ya, Ted, and THEN I’m going to go to work on you.” This is the image of a family who can’t believe people aren’t kissing their high priced derrieres.


That Donald Trump, that Donald Trump,
I do not like that Donald Trump.

Do you like to see me hump?

I do not like to see you hump.
I do not like you Donald Trump.

Would you like as president?
Would you like as Harvey Dent?

I would not like as president.
I would not like as Harvey Dent.
I do not like to see you hump.
I do not like you Donald Trump.

Would you like to see me nuke?
Would you like to see me puke?

I would not like to see you nuke,
I would not like to see you puke.
I would not like to see you hump.
I do not like you Donald Trump.

Would you like me with your spouse?
Would you like to touch my mouse?

I would not like you with my spouse.
I would not like to touch your mouse.
I do not like to see you hump,
I do not like you Donald Trump.

(brought to you by Dr. Souse)


But isn’t the point of that rhyme that when he actually tries the thing being described, he actually does like it?

I guess the message is, we shouldn’t knock Trump as President until we try it!


I live in a very lefty liberal part of the city, with Bernie signs still in many front yards, and just today I was behind a Hummer with magnetic letters spelling out on the back:

The next four years are gonna be somethin’ special.


Oh come now, the most a Sanders supporter would do is maybe wrinkle their nose slightly.

Cruz may be thinking historically. After all, Mussolini endorsed Hitler and that ended well for nobody in Europe other than Thyssen and Krupp.


Don’t they usually take it out when people become politicians?



I’m tempted to see if I can find the 19th century children’s story about what happens to boys who skate on Farmer Giles’s pond on Sunday, but I’m not sure it’s much better as a metaphor. Although Mark Twain’s version does seem pretty prescient.

And he grew up and married, and raised a large family, and brained them all with an axe one night, and got wealthy by all manner of cheating and rascality; and now he is the infernalist wickedest scoundrel in his native village, and is universally respected, and belongs to the Legislature.


Yeah, it’s already been established elsewhere that this photo was not from that moment. Editors should probably fact check sometimes.

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Probably not, that day isn’t coming until his third term.

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