Ted Cruz quits Republican race; Trump is presumptive nominee


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I know, and she will never get the irony.


I saw you practicing your joke on twitter.

I prefer El Reg’s though:

Nate Silver continues to demonstrate that while he’s good at statistics, he isn’t especially good at politics.

I’m an unforgivable Marco Rubio fanboy who wonders what would have been if Rubio had a better debate in New Hampshire, knocked Kasich out, won a few more states on Super Tuesday, and emerged as Trump’s main opposition instead of Cruz. To some extent, Rubio would have combined Cruz and Kasich’s strengths, while also having more support from party elites, potentially making him more of a consensus choice as the rest of the field consolidated.

Apparently getting the Dem race wrong by something like 15% is okay, too.

Following up on Nate, this wouldn’t be a shocking polling error in Indiana. Right now, Sanders is holding a 4 percentage point lead in Indiana. Yes, none of the pre-election polls had Sanders winning. And yes, the average of polls taken over the past three weeks had Clinton up by a little over 7 percentage points in Indiana. But before the Wisconsin primary, I calculated that a poll before a caucus or primary had an average error of 11 percentage points. In other words, right in line with the error there appears to be in Indiana right now.


Ooohhhh mannn. . . does this mean there’s not going to be a brawl at the RNC? Disappointed.



There is, our there, the platonic ideal of the “May 3, 2016 Carly Fiorina layoff quip” and I can’t rightly say I’ve seen it yet.


What are we gonna do with all this popcorn?


Elections not over. I’m sure they will find a way to be jerks to someone.


So…running mate : Palin or Christie? or Giuiani? (they’d never win NY anyway, so why not?) Mornin’ Joe? Jesse Ventura?

Also, I posted this elsewhere but it should go here too.


Anti-Trump protesters could try to disrupt (and I hope they do).


Hi there.


today is a good day! He’s going to go on to crush Clinton in the general, stop TPP, and bring jobs back for all of us :slight_smile:


I think this was inevitable…

Still the biggest question is: is he going to be against Bernie or Hillary?

Vile rightwing shit of beyond-satire proportions vs an actual different option or a fully brought-and-paid-for status quo candidate…

If it’s vs Hillary, with her vast boneyard of skeletons in the closet, this is still potentially extremely terrifying. And i say that as someone living on almost the opposite end of the planet.


I am sure he and many others would love that, but Trump looks increasingly likely to win the nomination outright. You need someone who is actually running in the primaries to win delegates.


Now for the running mate…

Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin!

Do it!!!

Otherwise the campaign will just be stupid and nasty. She would make it much more entertaining.

Come on, Captain Comb-over…you know it would be just the ticket!

…And so do we!


Cruz must be exhausted from trying to breathe oxygen for this long.

And to smile without exposing his second row of teeth.


Indiana is an outlier, because there’s practically no polling information available. That’s because the use of auto-dialers and auto-response recorders are prohibited by law.

Silver’s bread ‘n’ butter is polling analyses, but that requires that there’s some polling to analyze.


He clocked his wife in the face at his concession speech (twitter video)


Well, we already know he hits his children.


As was pointed out to me by someone who’s worked in campaigns before, Cruz’s concession doesn’t mean Trump gets the delegates… and it’s possible he can pass them along to Kasich with the full cooperation of everyone in the GOP whose name doesn’t rhyme with “Dump.”

Not that I think Kasich is any more qualified to run a lemonade stand or be entrusted with nuclear launch codes than Trump is.