Jeb Bush quits 2016 presidential race


I am sad. There is no doubt at this point that the rest of the world is right about US, many of us anyway.


Carson’s next - I would guess by Monday. Kasich to follow, which is really sad because of all the candidates he’s the most level headed, most compassionate, possibly most qualified. He’s the anti trump.


Trump’s no lunatic. His brand is his ostensible lunacy. I don’t think he ever expected to make it this far. Or rather, since he has an ego the size of Jupiter, I’m sure he just shoots his mouth off and expects to profit one way or another. This isn’t his first bid for president, just the first the mainstream public noticed him. But I have no doubt he considered those previous bids victories, feeding his ego which he monetizes the same way shock jocks do. It is kind of amazing he got this far this time, but not quite as amazing as the media seems to think.

The stuff he’s saying is basically the same as Cruz and plenty of other GOP candidates. Trump just dispenses with the coded language designed to pander to the GOP’s ever-increasingly far-right base and sugar the pill for the rest rest of the voters. His base loves that because it makes them feel like they no longer have to hide their rampant bigotry, xenophobia and fascism. But the voters appalled by the unapologetic evil of his rants are also finally getting to hear the real GOP unfiltered. Oh sure lots of them knew what it was before, but now they can’t pretend they don’t.

Meanwhile he’ll keep saying the most outrageous things that pop into his mind, because it’s gotten him this far. If he has handlers, I actually pity them their futile task of trying to get him to appeal to general-election swing voters. He’ll just keep on ramping it up and do irreversible damage to the GOP which he’s already splitting open like Chris Christie’s pants.


What’s sad is that a regressive conservative like Rubio is able to put on a half-convincing human face, and against someone as unpopular as Clinton, might be able to win in Nov, to the detriment of us all.


Yeah I think he is a bit like a dog chasing a car. If he catches it, what will he do with it?


That is an extremely low bar.

Jeb! was the driving force behind the Terry Schiavo bastardry. In any other industrialised country, he’d be considered an extreme-right loony.


At least it’s not the nineties. Waaah, it’s not the nineties!


At first he was all like Jeb! but now it’s just Jeb!


At least Cruz is losing. I consider him far more scary than Trump.


Jeb Quits Race with “Mission Accomplished” Banner


Trump is Mussolini, Cruz is Hitler. When choosing your fascist dictator, always go for the most incompetent one.


Cruz is a religious version of Hitler, yeah, but Trump is nothing like Mussolini. He’s P.T. Barnum.


Darn it. I was getting all excited about throwing this around: 젭!


Marketing? Share this with him:

Donald is not that great a businessman and apparently sucks at marketing. His competitors do far better with less marketing.


Cheesy conman, fascist dictator, what’s the difference? It’s all about exploiting the stupid.

American fascism, if it comes, is going to be American: cheesy, crude and dumb. But also rich, powerful and destructive.

Video: What fascism is...and isn't

It’s quite simple, really.
Sam Kriss in Vice noted that to British observers, all the Republican candidates look like used car salesmen.
But the American education system1 tells you to value salesmen over everything else, from the moment little kids have to present what they did in the holidays to the rest of the class.
1Not all of it, obviously.


Didn’t P.T. Barnum satirise scientific racism?


He can’t lose.
If he wins, he has the examples of Berlusconi, Franco, Mussolini, Salazar and some of his Saudi friends to imitate. He gets to fulfil his power fantasies.
If he loses, he wins financially as his TV shows and hotels get more income due to the exposure.

It’s nothing like the dog/car example. More like a dog chasing a cart full of tasty sausages into a chicken farm, with a number of the farmhands rooting for the dog.


Not too sure Carson will drop out soon. He didn’t really have a chance to begin with, and looking at the way his friends, err staff and consultants, are profiting it looks like his campaign is possibly a big grift. If so they’ll run the campaign fund dry and then quit.