Trump fans melting down online for some reason


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Yeah this got pointed out earlier but it deserves a proper post and thread…

But not registering… I am just aghast at how fucking uninformed do you have to be for that and happy they can’t vote for anyone actually.


I really am not convinced it is real.


There is that too.


Could be epic troll.

But if it’s real, and if it’s got scale - how de-li-cious!


While amusing, this is trollery. I’ve seen a lot of trollery in my day. I can tell by the pixels.


No one on 4chan would ever make shit up for the lulz.



The 23-year old fearing that his Trump support might make his virginity permanent seems a little too perfect. Still… it says something, doesn’t it, that you have to think quite hard about whether or not it’s made-up.

But sounding my doom bell once more, this reminds me of those Brexit voters who were all “buh I varted for brext for ha ha but now not know if bad do?”, and yes, it was funny and delicious, but they still “won” didn’t they.


shooped. I will still delight in anticipation of eventual schadenfreude, however…



ROGER THAT! :grin:


That’s a cool point andHOLY bird-bowl: summa NULLA? SUMMA NULLA?!?! Now just slow down time a cotton pickin’ minnit! Do you mean that someone besides me and my three friends know what the Dickens a Smith-Hitachi Godzilla Blaster is?!


You are among friends. There are others here who know.


Ahhhh, scooten froody


I could believe either way. One thing I’ve learned from this election is to never bet against “stupid.”


If there’s one thing tRump cultivates like a finely tuned, high capacity hydroponic farm, it’s weapons-grade stupidity.


It doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been asked repeatedly by trumpkins at the bar I run how you vote. Who’s allowed to vote. Where you vote. And a dozen other things. Lot of these people have never votes before. And they aren’t even paying attention to their own candidate’s campaign. Most of these questions have come after the registration deadline in my state. And a lot of the people in question don’t even know if they’re registered or not.


That’s what the Republicans get for all their hard work demonizing intellect, and encouraging people to believe that their ignorance is as good as an expert’s knowledge.


[quote=“TobinL, post:2, topic:88989, full:true”]
But not registering… I am just aghast at how fucking uninformed do you have to be for that and happy they can’t vote for anyone actually.
[/quote]Voter registration is a horrible fucking idea, and simply a bald-faced ploy to disenfranchise voters, and I’m glad I’ve never had to put up with that bullshit. We were one of the first states to adopt registration, and then got rid of it back in 1951.

Voter registration has caused disenfranchisement problems (by design) since it’s inception. The only difference in this election is that the Repubs are feeling it for a change, and not just Dems and minorities.

So, shame on you for cheering for voter disenfranchisement. Cheer for the irony or the schadenfreude if you like, but don’t deride someone for not realizing the deck is purposefully stacked against new voters being allowed to vote.