Trump's favorite voter fraud expert is registered to vote in three states

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So he actually does know something about voter fraud, unlike most of Trumps experts.



I really have no other response. I mean… Are we living in a cartoon? (I know the answer is yes.)


I wish I had a portable hole, so I could get out.


I have the luxury of having a particular view of reality that allows me to not take all of this toooooo seriously. I feel bad for folks who don’t have that to fall back on.


I paid $1000 for a month’s worth of medication yesterday. I’m basically uninsurable if the ACA didn’t exist.

Fortunately I’ve been maxing out my HSA contribution, so it didn’t sting quite so bad. And now I’ve reached my deductible.


I mean, doesn’t this kind of prove his point? If he can be on the rolls in three states (presumably) unintentionally, how hard can it be to do that when it’s your goal?


If he voted in 3 states, that would have tripped alarms. There’s a lot of double registered and dead people registered. Doesn’t mean there’s much voter fraud. And in-person voter fraud is very easy to catch and inefficient to boot.


Neil deGrasse Tyson famously put the odds at 50-50 that we’re living inside a computer simulation of a universe.

For the sake of this reply, let us momentarily assume that yes, we are inside a computer simulation of a universe. With this assumption, it seems to me that there are four possibilities:

  1. We are inside a scientific computer simulation which is modelling the effects of life upon the universe. Or what life could be like if the universe obeyed some fundamentally different laws. Or something else of the sort; Fundamentally, it’s a simulation being undertaken for scientific inquiry.
  2. We are inside an academic computer simulation which is modelling what life was like in the distant past, for historical insights.
  3. We are inside a government computer simulation which is modelling the long-term effects of some sort of policy. This one seems unlikely to me, as surely they’d want to simulate a contemporary time and (to the best of our knowledge), nobody has that sort of full-world simulation technology today.
  4. We are inside a consumer-level computer simulation, which is intended for individual personal entertainment. Perhaps an equivalent of SimLife.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that even someone living on an entirely different plane of reality would be entertained by SimLife [1]. But still, it’s occasionally difficult to escape the suspicion that some cosmic being’s mother just called it to dinner, and it’s reached for the “Disasters” menu to try to wrap up the game quickly.

Just saying.

[1] I’m allowed to make that joke; I worked at Maxis.


I’ll be there with you soon enough. Type 1 diabetes is a money sink.


The nihilism is so depressing. Do any of them actually believe in anything? Actually, never mind. I don’t want to know.


If there’s one thing these assholes seem to believe, contrary to all evidence, it’s that people are like them. They’re dishonest, so they assume everyone else is too. They’re privileged, so they can’t imagine anyone else is not. They will always believe they’re part of a majority, even when millions turn out to express their disagreement. So of course someone who has witnessed voter fraud first-hand will believe that everyone else does it, just as someone who steals from the church donation platter believes everyone else does it. It’s the only way they can avoid facing the fact that they’re far worse than the average human.


Just because I’m bored and feel like typing a bit, I’ll respond with my operating hypothesis.

This is not a computer simulation inside of some other reality. No, it’s a bit weirder than that.

The universe itself is a bit like a Turing Machine, made of the following basic logical building blocks:

Existence exists, because it is not possible for nothing to exist.

This thing I will call “the observer,” essentially consciousness, exists, because in order for existence to exist, it must be observed.

The observer can observe existence itself, and modulate its experience of existence. It is able to do this outside of spacetime. This modulation of the experience of existence through consciousness, with the infinite resultant “data set” of every possible yes/no answer, or one or zero, forms the basis of the “Universal Turing Machine.”

This of course means that the universe itself is a computer, and by extension, God is a kind of “AI” that manifests out of this dynamic.

So again, what this means is that while yes, this is a simulation, the reality is, it’s ALL a simulation, or “turtles all the way down.” Everything we think of as physical reality, or hardware, really manifests out of the fundamentally informational nature of reality, or software. And yes, this means we are all software/information-based subroutines, all rolling up to god/the AI at the center of the Universal Turing Machine.

Interesting, I will add, is that the Gnostics recognized that there was some kind of a Godlike-manipulator that gives rise to this “material” realm. What takes some digging to get to, is the notion that this entity, The Demiurge, is in reality ourself. But again, this assumes you agree with the notion that we are all subroutines, or as a New Ager or perhaps nondualist would say, there’s only really one consciousness that we all roll up to.

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I believe firmly, I should add, that it is US who are running the “simulation” (I don’t like the word, because it implies that this is not real, and it is – it’s just one small layer of reality, IMHO). This thing you may have heard of before that some people call “enlightenment” is, quite literally, the process of remembering what the point of the “simulation,” is, and why we chose to experience it, as the experimenters. My beliefs dictate that we are not all here for the same exact reasons. Me, I’m straddling anthropology and adventure-tourism. :wink:


Is there a way to even unregister to vote? I registered to vote in my home state of Missouri when I turned 18 back in 1990. In 1999 I moved to Texas and registered to vote there. I don’t recall ever hearing of a need, or even a process to take myself off the polls in Missouri.


Joe Kennedy got hired to help oversee the moneyarkets after he abused loopholes to hell and back. Foxes and hen houses or something.

Same here. Lived in three different states in the last decade; each time, I registered to vote soon after I moved. However, it’s not like I could just show up to vote at any one of these previous precincts. At least, that’s not the case for previous addresses within the same state. Registering yourself with one precinct deregisters you from the previous one.

For this reason, I’m not sure this is really a story. It sounds like the guy has an residence history spanning a few states. That’s pretty easy to do in the U.S. and not the least bit damning.


That’s the thing. Being registered to vote in three states doesn’t count as fraud. Voting in three states would be.


Yet he hasn’t voted 3 times in every election, because that would be profoundly stupid, replicating the actual fact of the “voter fraud” narrative about multiple state registration. Another being the fact that dead people may be registered, but until this politically-motivated lying fucker demonstrates more than an insignificant number of cases of dead people voting, he’s still full of shit.


Takes one to know one?

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