Two of 4 'dead' GA voters claimed by Trump campaign are found, alive and well

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Boy, I bet the Trump campaign is super annoyed that they now have to find 13,998 more questionable votes in order to overturn the result in Georgia when they had been so sure they’d only have to find 13,996.


So many outstanding campaign debts to retire lawsuits to fight. The fundraising lines are hot. /s


Oh my goodness. They almost found a case of voter fraud. LOCK HER UP! Sorry, I mean PROP HER UP!

Now when is anyone going to count the thousands of ballots Trump’s minions scooped up from post offices in PA? Despite a judge’s order? Not just yelling at clouds here - mine was one of them.


Um, no, that would be illegal. She voted in her own, formal, married name.


It’s like the GOP doesn’t remember that they worked hard to pass laws requiring states to aggressively clean voter rolls… in 1993. And that Georgia is one state where they LOVE kicking even living, breathing, voting individuals off the rolls (as long as they live in primarily minority communities of course).


Mrs James Blalock Jr is like an adorable Jimmy Carter in wig


The only thing that’s unsatisfying about this report is that it doesn’t show the source that the Trump campaign cited that claims that James Blalock voted, so that it can be clarified that it’s actually a report of Agnes Blalock. So the obvious response for the Trump cultist who is presented with this is to say, “you proved that Mrs. James Blalock is a legitimate voter, but Mr. James Blalock, who is dead, voted, and that’s vote fraud. Q.E.D.”

Despite lacking this critical piece, we jump ahead to mocking the hapless Trumpies. It all heightens the sense of two camps shouting past each other.

Did the campaign and/or the Fox ayatollahs cite a primary source?

Eitther way, unless I’m misunderstanding the news segment above, it is reporting on what the GA secretary of state has said in response to those specific claims. So it absolutely is responsive, and if someone wants to assume it’s talking about a different case then that’s no different to any other kind of bad-faith, entity-multiplying logic.

I agree that merely yelling at Turmp suporters isn’t constructive, but I don’t have any time for the position that their every random fantasy demands a PhD-thesis-level rebuttal delivered with infinite patience.




and thank god we do. the trump family has a long track record of provable lies and malfeasance. why even bother to take anything they say at face value? it’s not worth the time.

the popular vote part of the election is done. and nothing’s going to change those results.

are you willing to say more? there’s been so many things, it’s hard to keep up. ( also. sorry. that really sucks. )


Yup, the same thing we keep seeing with the Republican examples of “fraud”–they simply look for matches and don’t check if they’re actually the same person, or whether other circumstances have changed. (ie, non-citizens can become citizens.)

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The only dead people who voted in this election are those who died of COVID19 after early voting. Jus’sayin.


The strategy was never to prove massive voter fraud, it was to imply massive voter fraud via anecdotal evidence. They hoped this would be a way to negate huge numbers of Biden votes, but the court cases are proving they cant do that either.


So there weren’t “millions of” nor “thousands of” nor “hundreds of” voter fraud cases involving the identity of deceased citizens, but 4. And 2 of them were discredited.



Two discredited so far.


Friggin Gits! At lest you cast a vote. Good on you.

Hear, hear. In particular, President Trump has claimed many times that his popular-vote loss in 2016 was because of millions of illegal ballots. But it’s a matter of public record who has voted in an election, so if anybody (including Trump) thought that was true, they could have checked. But nobody did. Because. we all know it’s bullshit. So why should the same claims about this election spur serious investigations?

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Fuck that noise; 45’s followers actively chose the greater evil.

No quarter, no mercy.


And unfuck all that “All lives matter!” b.s.

By this time, they know damn well what Black Lives Matter means.