Election still a tossup after long night of counting

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I think it’s fair to say at this point that polls in presidential races can be treated as hot garbage going forward. Any news agency that places any stock in their value is peddling woo.


We knew that we weren’t going to get a clear result overnight, just as we knew that Il Douche was going to lie about winning. That there isn’t a landslide for Biden is disappointing, but in a country where 27% of the electorate are stupid and/or hateful enough to strongly support Biff I can’t say I’m surprised. Let’s be patient and hope that this broken-by-design system (really, abolish the Electoral College) gives us the good result for liberal democracy that’s still possible.


I am disgusted.



I hate this year. Hate it.

How can anyone look at what Trump has done and vote for him? WHY? JFC, I really do live in a country of sociopaths who don’t give a shit as long as they get a tax cut and an end to my rights. This country does not want the likes of me… it does not believe in kindness, fairness, equity, and saving the god damn planet. As long they get their god damn tax cuts and ban on abortion and fucking guns, they’re content to let the rest of us rot. They really do hate those of us who don’t look, think, and act just like them.


Selzer seems to have been the only pollster to have a finger on the correct pulse.

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As I saw on Twitter, earlier:


I don’t know who that is, but as a whole the polls have skewed way off. It’s easy to pick the best poll after the fact.

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Here’s the thing. I agree with your disgust of where we live. And I too look at those that voted for this incumbent potus and ask “what are you thinking?!”

While I want to boil it down to the idiocy of hate and prejudice. Look at Florida. Nostradumbass clearly beat Biden in the Latino vote. What is that demographic thinking there? I don’t think it’s motivated by hatred. It’s ignorance. It’s an electorate that doesn’t understand or is not fully informed.

And I do think ultimately that is the issue with the majority of our electorate. Yes there are some motivated by racism and hatred. I think most are simply ill informed from misinformation and ignorance.

It’s sad and enraging either way.


Wait. You’re supposed to fill in the circle for who you don’t want, right?


The Latino population of FL is different from a lot of the country. They’re mostly Cuban-American and traditionally Republican. A lot of their conservatism is motivated by a hatred of the Castro regime, and they still seem to want to re-fight the Cuban Revolution. The GOP has been pandering to them with supportive fantasies for 60 years.


exactly my point. misinformed. ignorant. uneducated (politically speaking).


Evergreen. Though it’s crumbling into the edges from climate change, rather than drifting off in one big chunk.


You’re still welcome in Europe, if you look, think and act exactly like us…


No. They hate others that don’t want to live in a shithole country. Pure and simple. They want tax cuts, discrimination, and women in their place. That’s the country we live in.

Glad to know that I can get kindness here on the BBS. It’s like being in middle school all over again, where I got dump on day after miserable day.

Good to know the whole world hates me.


Just as we do not want to be painted with a broad brush, neither should we do the same. Not all republican voters are those people. Some are, exactly how many we don’t know. A percentage of that base of voters are exactly as you describe, but others have equally frustrating motivations.


One thing is painfully obvious. People lie to pollsters.


I feel sick with worry, and I’m not even an American. All the best folks.


This country is full of really stupid people.

Clearly our education system from the ground up is letting everybody down.


That’s the thought that keeps popping in my head from 2016 and now in 2020. Some reports are that the polls are actually not far off, but it certainly doesn’t look that way to me.

And I start thinking that there are pitfalls here in believing what people tell them…clearly someone is lying.