Jeb Bush's website now redirects to Donald Trump


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That could net Trump, like, six extra votes right there.


Trump is “surging”.



It’s not really accurate to call it “Jeb Bush’s website” - his site is still Jeb 2016. That’s sort of like calling BoingBoing’s website.


Looks more like a victory sign to me - and I can imagine the look and feel of Trump’s Great American Peace.


Ok, I had to check, and I found it interesting that to access “,” you have type something in as a “security check” before you can see Trump’s mug.

What’s the purpose of this extra step? I assume it’s to stave off a DDOS attack, or something similar, right? But couldn’t a botnet just DDOS the “security check” page and effectively bring down Trump’s page just the same? Or perhaps it’s to prevent bots from crawling the Trump page for some reason? Anyone know for sure? (Sorry my own technical knowledge is quite limited…)

In any case, I imagine that it can’t be too hard for clever programmers to circumvent this step if they really wanted to…


Somehow Trump makes Jebo look better?


At least it isn’t Santorum.


“Frothy” to the bitter end that Santorum is.


It’s NOT accurate to believe Trump or BushCo #3 are presidential material, but that’s what the GOP’ers are trotting out this year.


Drinking game for next debate:

  • Take a shot if this is mentioned.
  • Take 2 shots if this is used as an example of the Jeb’s incompetence
  • Finish the bottle of Trump says, "Face it, that was a Hyooooge Pwning."


perhaps no one has bought it…yet. if you were the account manager at Fabulous who scooped up and likely invested some money in obtaining the domain thinking it was a guaranteed $250k, a sure thing, a safe bet. When you went to offer it they didn’t bite, opting to register instead, what would you do? i’d point the domain at the rival to bring attention to the domain name again in the press and try and get a few of them to bid over it. i think this is just a marketing tactic to bring attention to the domain name and make it worth something.

i could be wrong but that would be my guess.


I understand that also lands on Trump’s site.


That would be my interpretation.


Except s/marketing/extortion/.


Right! Isn’t this currently every republican candidate’s strategy, expressed through a DNS metaphor?

“Could be worse!” *points to Trump*


Hey, just like the 2000 election, “Jeb! can fix it!”

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